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Watch: Fox host Stuart Varney challenges Morano over heatwave-climate link publisher Marc Morano argues mainstream media is skewing temperature data to make it an issue on climate change on ‘Varney & Co.’

Fox Business – Varney & Co. – Broadcast July 19, 2023 


Stuart Varney: Marc Morano from the Climate Depot joins me now. We just heard in Phoenix, they had 19 straight days above 110 degrees. Now, wait, you’re a climate skeptic, is this not the result of climate change?

Marc Morano: “This is not outside the normal bounds of hot summer weather. Yes, it’s a record year. It could be one of the hottest, but here’s the thing. Joe Biden’s EPA has a chart of the heatwave index going back to the 1930s. The 1930s are probably 8 to 10 or 12 times hotter in the United States than anything we’re currently seeing.Image

75% of all state temperature records were broken before the 1950s — these records still stand. Now. This is a way that statistics — when you heard things like CNN or New York Times or others have said this is the ‘hottest’ in Earth’s history. Those claims were based on climate models, which even the NOAA –National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration — backed away from. They are weaponizing hot summers,  heat waves to turn it into some kind of call for climate action. This is not outside the bounds of normal weather, I’m sorry.

Stuart Varney: Wait a second. What are you telling me that this extraordinary weather which has been prevalent around the world, you’re telling me that that is not the result of CO2 emissions?

Marc Morano: “It possibly could have impacted the temperatures, absolutely. But keep in mind thermometer data went on in about the 1880s and we were coming out of a Little Ice Age. Now hold on. The 1930s is what Biden’s EPA shows is the hottest heat waves in the US. 80% of our carbon dioxide globally came after World War Two — after 1940. So to blame the 1930s on climate change when there were worse heat waves doesn’t add up here.

Stuart Varney: Marc. You’re losing me here. Look. How many days is it straight in Phoenix? What is it, 19 straight days above 110 degrees? There’s nothing like that in the 1930s.

Marc Morano:  Absolutely, you can go back and look. 1936 was the hottest year, according to this EPA data


Now hold on. When you’re looking at these, you’re anecdotally picking a city, Stuart. This is what they do. They can do this with floods, droughts. Meanwhile, even the UN acknowledges all this extreme weather is either declining or no trend on climate timescales, 50 to 100 years. Any weather event you can get and say ‘Look at this city here’ or ‘Look at this area of California. This is unprecedented drought, this is climate change.’ You want to look at it globally. And if you look at it globally, in the first United Nations report in 1990, it had that Medieval Warm Period much warmer than today.


They then later said quote, ‘We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.’ So they altered data, cooled the past, and erased it. There is now an effort, Stuart, led by a scientist in Texas, Andrew Dessler, who wants to get rid of the 1930s EPA chart because it has the same problem. You can’t blame today’s heat waves on CO2 when heat waves were worse in the United States before 80% of our CO2 went into the atmosphere. Sorry…

Stuart Varney: It’s a good debate. This is a very good debate. And I’m glad you’re on the show to make it. That’s a good point.

Marc Morano: One last thing…

Stuart Varney: I’m terribly sorry. I’m out of time. I’m very sorry. I’m out of time. We’ll bring you back again. It’s a good debate, and I want more of it. Marc Morano.


‘Unprecedented Propaganda’: ‘Phoenix previous record of 18 consecutive days over 110F was set in 1974, the same week Time Mag was warning of new ice age’



Morano: “The climate establishment is now reduced to hyping NOT the hottest decade or the hottest year, but the hottest day! We have always been told that one record cold winter day is just ‘weather’, not climate. But when a heatwave serves the climate agenda purposes, we are told it was just what ‘scientists’ expected. They are weaponizing every weather event from a hot day to hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and droughts.”

Here we go again. The claimed unprecedented ‘hottest day’ record was given an asterisk – but only after the unsupportable claim achieved its goal of weaponizing the weather in support of the climate agenda.

Morano on media & climate activists’ heatwave hysteria:

“What is happening is very similar to how COVID ‘case counts’ were used to justify all sorts of government restrictions, from school closures to mask mandates to lockdowns during the peak of Covid. They pick a statistically arbitrary data point – ‘case counts’ during COVID — and average global temperature statistics in climate – – and widely overstate their significance to push policy positions they could never otherwise justify. As one epidemiologist said of using COVID ‘case counts’ to push mask mandates, “That is like tying masking to the phases of the moon.”

Pushing government climate regulations based on global average temperatures or a heatwave is just as unscientific. They get a hot summer and try to weaponize it with average global temperature statistics to scare people into submitting to more climate regulations.

Biden’s EPA shows the 1930s heat waves were much, much worse in the US than in recent times. We also know that many studies and data reveal that the Roman Warming Period and the Medieval Warm Period were as warm or warmer than today. Even the United Nations acknowledged that in their first climate report in 1990 before they later altered the data and erased the Medieval Warm Period.

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So far this year, just over one-third of the US has reached 95F (35C) – down from 93% of the US in 1931. US summers are much cooler now than they used to be.
US heat waves
The US government’s official metric for heat waves comes from a paper I co-authored more than 20 years ago. It shows an increase since ~1960s but a decrease since <1930s…

Pielke Jr.: 
US heat waves
During the past 50 years, when heat waves have increased, mortality from extreme heat has fallen pretty much everywhere in the US…That is good news!
Let’s keep it up

“Heat waves of recent decades have not reached levels seen in the 1930s, either in their frequency or intensity.”
“If analysis of data begins in the 1960s, then an increase in heat waves can be shown. However, if the data analyses begins before the 1930s then there is no upwards trend, and a case can even be made for a decline.”
“If we think this week’s heat wave is a novel event juiced by climate change, rather than within the bounds of observed variability, then we are fooling ourselves.”
Bjorn Lomborg, Wall Street Journal
Global warming saves 166,000 lives a year
Heat deaths make up about 1% of global fatalities a year—almost 600,000 deaths—but cold kills eight times as many people, totaling 4.5 million deaths annually. As temperatures have risen since 2000, heat deaths have increased 0.21%, while cold deaths have dropped 0.51%. Today about 116,000 more people die from heat each year, but 283,000 fewer die from cold. Global warming now prevents more than 166,000 temperature-related fatalities annually.
False claims create despair:
Obama’s daughter says her friends tell her ‘what’s the point?’ Cause the world’s burning, and there’s nothing I can do.

Media Chases ‘Climate Enhanced’ Heat Waves, Misses Data Showing They are Less Frequent

despite what the media says, real-world data shows heat waves are NOT getting worse in the United States due to climate change.

None of the news outlets running heat wave stories this week examined or cites historical data on heat waves, preferring instead to push scary numbers in the form of heat indexes that combine temperature and humidity, reprint the opinion of “climate scientists,” and reference computer models that suggest climate change is making heat waves worse.

Apparently, all those people missed the fact that they were looking at the output of a climate model, not actually measured temperatures. Only one news outlet, The Associated Press, bothered to print a sensible caveat. In the July 5th story “Earth hit an unofficial record high temperature this week – and stayed there” reporting:

On Thursday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration distanced itself from the designation, compiled by the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer, which uses satellite data and computer simulations to measure the world’s condition. That metric showed that Earth’s average temperature on Wednesday remained at an unofficial record high, 62.9 degrees Fahrenheit (17.18 degrees Celsius), set the day before.

The AP updated its story on July 7th to include this single yet very important paragraph:

NOAA, whose figures are considered the gold standard in climate data, said in a statement Thursday that it cannot validate the unofficial numbers. It noted that the reanalyzer uses model output data, which it called “not suitable” as substitutes for actual temperatures and climate records. The agency monitors global temperatures and records on a monthly and an annual basis, not daily.

So, in the space of two days, we went from temperature data that was “[t]otally unprecedented and terrifying,” to temperature data that was not suitable for purpose.

Although, on July 8, the University of Maine’s Climate Reanalyzer website was forced to put up this notice on their global temperature page:

But even that claim is false, because in fact the NCEP CFSv2 used by Climate Reanalyzer and listed at the top of their graph, is in fact defined as a model according to its developer, NOAA:


Watch: Fox host Stuart Varney challenges Morano over heatwave-climate link

‘Unprecedented Propaganda’: ‘Phoenix previous record of 18 consecutive days over 110F was set in 1974, the same week Time Mag was warning of new ice age’

Media Chases ‘Climate Enhanced’ Heat Waves, Misses Data Showing They are Less Frequent

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