Watch: NBC News: ‘Biden urged to declare climate change a national emergency’ – ‘Can unlock special powers for a president in a crisis without needing approval from Congress’ – Similar to COVID & 9/11 Emergency Powers

Hallie Jackson of NBC – Aug. 22, 2023: “So what would that even do? Declaring an emergency can unlock special powers for a president in a crisis without needing approval from Congress, thanks to a law passed nearly 50 years ago. Since then, every President has declared at least one emergency during their time in office. Former President Trump for example, signing one in the pandemic. Former President George W. Bush declaring one after 911.”

“Now 57% of voters support the naming of a new national emergency on climate if Congress doesn’t do more, according to recent polling.”

“If President Biden were to do that it could mean new incentives for example, to cut greenhouse gas emissions, speed up EV production and build more renewable energy centers.”

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‘Climate crisis’ illness?! NBC News: White House to unveil a ‘national dashboard’ for tracking ‘heat-related illnesses nationwide’ due to the ‘growing impacts of the climate crisis’

NBC News: President Joe Biden is under increasing pressure from lawmakers and state and local officials to do more to address an extreme heat crisis that has defined the summer of 2023. … The Biden administration plans to announce on Wednesday a new federal system to track¬†heat-related illness nationwide and is considering additional measures amid pressure to do more to help Americans deal with crippling summer heat, according to White House officials. …¬†

The new national dashboard, which will be overseen by the Health and Human Services Department, maps emergency services responding to heat-related illness calls across the country, officials said. The ‚ÄúEMS HeatTracker‚Äù is intended to help ensure sufficient medical aid gets to Americans who need it most during severe heat, officials said. … ‚ÄúHeat is no longer a silent killer. From coast-to-coast, communities are battling to keep people cool, safe and alive due to the growing impacts of the climate crisis,‚Äù Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement. …

One of the challenges, even if FEMA could declare a disaster for heat, would be deciding how to deploy teams to a weather event that could span dozens of states at a time and could go on for unpredictable amount of time, whereas other natural disasters are usually more limited in location and duration.


What Heatwave? Latest NOAA Data Show July Temperature in U.S. was Normal

B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’ – ‘Picked up his patient’s chart & penned in the words ‘climate change’

Calls to add ‘climate change’ to death certificates – New study demands ‘climate change’ be added as ‘pre-existing condition’

Marc Morano: “”Get ready CNN and MSNBC to pound stories like this frequently, and couple it with daily tallies of an alleged climate change ‘death toll’, all designed to spur calls for the need to take drastic ‘climate action’ to stop the deaths from our alleged ‘climate emergency.’‚Äù

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