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Baltimore Sun features an academic warning that climate change must be factored into rebuilding Key Bridge: ‘How does this bridge withstand climate change?’

How long will it take to rebuild the Key Bridge following its collapse?

Excerpt: Natalie M. Scala, an associate professor at Towson University who directs the graduate program in supply chain management, said any “prudent bridge discussion” should include thinking about how the world will change over the next century, especially concerning how sea level rise could affect the port.

“If we are smart about this, we are going to ask, ‘How does this bridge withstand climate change?’” Scala said. “When [the Key Bridge] was built, ships were not this large. What kind of engineering can be done to support the kind of shipping we do now? If we take blueprints from previous bridges and open them up, we’re not really solving the question of how we got here in the first place.”



2007: ‘Global Warming’ claimed to have caused Minnesota bridge collapse – Joseph Romm – who served as Acting Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy in 1997 and as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary from 1995 though 1998 – stated in a piece amazingly entitled “Did Climate Change Contribute To The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse?

Climate Depot’s Morano comment: Is it plausible that a bridge collapse was caused by “global warming?” We have been hearing this claim for decades.  See: Flashback 2007: Warmist Joe Romm comically questioned whether the bridge collapse in Minnesota was a result of man-made global warming

Since federal research has sought a link between “climate change” and “fatal car crashes”, is it possible that anyone dying in a car crash could be listed as a “climate change” death?  Say what?! U. S. Department of Transportation asks: ‘How might climate change increase the risk of fatal crashes in a community?’ &Feds Ask: Will Global Warming Cause More Deadly Car Crashes? 


But in 2016, cold caused bridge woes! Canadian bridge splits due to extreme cold – ‘Closed indefinitely’

2023: How climate change is taking its toll on bridges – “As climate change increases the likelihood of extreme weather events, scientists predict that more bridges stand at risk of failure.”


March 1, 2024: Climate change could shorten the life span of U.S. bridges – Rising seas, heavy precipitation, and extreme heat are causing corrosion, buckling, and cracking. The U.S. has more than 600,000 bridges, and they’re not made to last forever.

Hussam Mahmoud is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University…And he says climate change can accelerate that process.  Rising seas and heavy precipitation can cause corrosion. Extreme heat can cause materials to expand beyond what they’re designed for — contributing to buckling or cracking. Increasing carbon pollution can even alter the pH of concrete, causing it to degrade faster.


2019: Climate change may see one in four US steel bridges collapse by 2040 – Global warming could contribute to the failure of one in four steel bridges in the US over the next two decades.