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Matt Walsh: The Government Is Gearing Up To Declare A ‘Climate Emergency,’ Which Will Wipe Out What’s Left Of Our Freedoms

By  Matt Walsh

For several years now, it’s been clear that the Biden administration has been thinking about officially declaring a “climate emergency.” Beginning on the day Biden took office, several politicians have floated the possibility — and some have gone further than that.

The Democrats’ leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, publicly called on Biden to make the declaration within a week of his inauguration. And ever since then, there have been articles and deep-dives in various outlets, including Politico and The New York Times, suggesting that it’d be a really good idea to essentially go to war with the weather.

As of now, as his term winds down, Joe Biden has resisted all of these demands. Biden has said that he’s “practically” declared a climate emergency — signaling that he likes the idea — but he hasn’t actually gone ahead and done it. Even so, the demands have kept coming for several years — which is a little odd, when you think about it. The definition of the word “emergency” is: “a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.” The very fact that you have to deliberate for three years about whether something is an emergency would seem to indicate that it is not.

So this is the most important point: There is not, in fact, a climate emergency — and everyone pushing this hysteria understands that very well. But they will never stop pretending this is an urgent crisis, because the moment they do that, they lose some measure of control over our lives.