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Watch: Morano on Lou Dobbs TV Show breaks down why there is no ‘climate emergency’ & how billionaires Gates & Bezos use climate to expand their control


The Great America Show – Climate Liars and Truth Deniers – Broadcast May 3, 2024 

CLIMATE LIARS & TRUTH DENIERSThe Great America Show with Lou Dobbs – The Left’s Climate worshipers say humans need to re-engineer the climate. Bill Gates donating billions to Harvard to block the sun.  They’re talking about conducting radical experiments on the atmosphere. Marc Morano joins Lou to discuss the Left’s plan to create global dimming to cool the Earth. They want to inject 100,000 tons of sulfur into our lower stratosphere to block solar rays. Morano says in other words, they want to release more pollutants into the atmosphere and call that a solution.