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Watch: Morano on Fox on U.S. Climate Envoy John Podesta: ‘He says really stupid things, & maybe that’s the reason they’re trying to avoid any Congressional oversight’

Fox Business – The Bottom Line – Broadcast May 16, 2024

Bicameral Republican Committee Leaders Press Secretary Blinken for Clarity on Climate Policy Leadership Structure

Marc Morano excerpt: This is probably one of the lead positions in the entire Biden administration. John Kerry, in that role, met with China, and attended UN summits. He literally was the man alone in the world fighting climate change on behalf of the United States. So they passed a law to make it so you have to have the advice and consent of the Senate for this climate envoy position. So John Podesta — meet the new boss, same as the old boss, — except when it comes to oversight.

The Biden Administration is literally giving Podesta the exact same job that John Kerry had, but they’re calling it something different, and they’re moving into a slightly different office. And so they’re saying, ‘Well, we don’t need any oversight. The Senate doesn’t need to be involved. We don’t want John Podesta answering any questions.’

And by the way, there’s good reason for him not answering questions because, on climate, John Podesta said really dumb things when he worked for the Obama administration. He pushed Obama’s cap and trade climate bill as a way to reduce the storminess and bad weather. Like a carbon tax out of the United States government was going to affect hurricanes and tornadoes. So he says really stupid things, and maybe that’s the reason they’re trying to avoid any oversight, any Senate advice and consent.


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