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Watch: Morano on Lou Dobbs TV Show breaks down why there is no ‘climate emergency’ & how billionaires Gates & Bezos use climate to expand their control

  The Great America Show – Climate Liars and Truth Deniers – Broadcast May 3, 2024  CLIMATE LIARS & TRUTH DENIERSThe Great America Show with Lou Dobbs – The Left’s Climate worshipers say humans need to re-engineer the climate. Bill Gates donating billions to Harvard to block the sun.  They’re talking about conducting radical experiments on the […]

No More Cheap Flights for the masses: Germany raises air travel taxes by nearly 20% – Also proposes ‘Europe-wide jet fuel tax’ Germany accused of ‘policy madness’ after hiking airline passenger tax – Jump in aviation levies could hamper industry’s net zero goals, warns IATA boss By Melissa Lawford Germany has been accused of “policy madness” over its decision to increase airline passenger taxes by nearly a fifth. A group of the world’s largest airlines have warned […]