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Held over by popular demand! You Can Still Watch Climate Hustle 2 encore premiere with Q&A through Sept 27 (then goes to DVD & on Demand)

Review: Film ‘Climate Hustle 2’ Targets Hollywood’s Green Hypocrisy, Double Standards

ARE YOU READY? Tonight (9-24) hustlers exposed, hypocrisy laid bare, and real science dished out. Climate Hustle 2, premiering online at 8 pm in your time zone

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Mark Steyn: Tune into Climate Hustle 2 to see ‘the new world the global warm-mongers are planning for us’ – Steyn featured in film – Watch Tonight Sept. 24 – At 8pm (in every time zone)

‘Subversive’: Round up of reviews/attacks on Climate Hustle 2: Congressman calls film ‘dangerous’ – Media Matters: Morano ‘most notorious denier’ – Amazon Prime & Twitter try to censor

Dem Congressman Calls Climate Hustle 2 ‘dangerous’ – Media Matters: Morano is ‘perhaps most notorious climate denier in U.S’ – Tucker Carlson on Hustle 2: ‘I’m going to watch that’

See the film Amazon Prime & Twitter are banning & suppressing – Climate Hustle 2 Set for Global release Sept 24 – 8pm

Watch: Actor Kevin Sorbo talks Climate Hustle 2 – Set for World Premiere Sept. 24 at 8pm

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Get ready for Climate Hustle 2: Coming Thursday Sept. 24 at 8pm! Film reveals ‘the way children are used as pawns’

It’s Coming! Climate Hustle 2 Set for Sept. 24 Worldwide release! Exposes agenda behind Green New Deal & UN Paris Pact