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‘Renewables’ could drive America back to the 1800s By Ronald Stein Regardless of intermittent weather, the electrical grid is expected to deliver continuous and uninterrupted electricity, no matter what the weather, to support computers for hospitals, airports, offices, manufacturing, military sites, and telemetry, which all need a continuous, uninterrupted supply of electricity. Yet, policymakers continue to subsidize wind turbines and solar panels […]

Watch: ‘Juice’ debunks claims that solar & wind power as ‘green’: To make one wind turbine, ‘we have to extract 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, & 45 tons of non-renewable plastic’

Juice: Why Wind and Solar Make Our Power Grid Less Reliable: Excerpt: “Just to produce one turbine, we have to extract 900 tons of steel, 2,500 tons of concrete, and 45 tons of non-renewable plastic. Then we’ve got to transport that and burn fuel, getting it all carried across the world and put up. And none of these things that go into a turbine are renewable.” 


Energy analyst Mark P. Mills exposes folly of EVs being ‘Net-Zero’: ‘You have to dig up about 500,000 pounds of materials to make a single 1000-pound battery’

Mandating EVs in U.S. would require ’18 times current global production of cobalt…three quarters of lithium & half the world’s copper & rare earths. China dominates all these markets’

Wind Turbine Collapses: ‘Leaking Oil Everywhere!’ – ‘Wait, these ‘green’ wind turbines use oil???’ – Yes, avg of 12,000 gallons of oil for typical wind farm

UK Telegraph: ‘The American revolt against green energy has begun’ – There’s no such thing as a wind or solar ‘farm’, just an ugly industrial site By David Blackmon On a story filled with all the standard climate alarmist narratives, USA Today recently reported on the rising movement by local governments in the United States to refuse to permit unwanted wind and solar industrial sites in their jurisdictions. After setting the stage by parroting the Biden administration goals of “100 per […]

Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy

Why California’s climate disclosure law should doom green energy By CRAIG RUCKER California prides itself for being a leader with respect to tackling climate change.  This is because they believe, albeit on shaky scientific grounds, that their citizens “already” face devastating consequences inflicted on them by manmade global warming – including wildfires, sea level rise, drought, […]

Biden Western Solar Plan will sacrifice 22 million public land acres to fight climate change “The American public could embrace this latest evolution of our shared domain. Or we could reject further industrial development of our public lands and instead preserve them for the sake of wildlife habitat, healthy ecosystems and scenic hikes — while requiring renewable energy companies to find other places to build. So which should we choose: clean […]

Mag: ‘How to quit your job to work on climate’ – ‘Climate concerns are driving career shifts. Here’s how to make one yourself’

Fast Company Mag: A few years ago, software engineer Eugene Kirpichov left his job at Google to work on climate change. He had a good job in machine learning. But the climate crisis was so urgent, he wrote to colleagues, “that I can no longer justify working on anything else, no matter how interesting or lucrative, until it’s fixed.”

Climate Change Consulting Market to Surpass USD 7.7 Bn by 2033, with Rising Demand for Green Products & Services

John Kerry complains to WEF about the lengthy environmental approval process for green energy Kerry, the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, told the annual conclave of global elites at the WEF meetings in Davos, Switzerland: ‘I am not for throwing out all environmental consideration… but I am not for taking five years to do it.’ However, Kerry was the VP in the Obama administration, which allowed the […]

French climatologist: Shift to renewable energy would make economic growth impossible – Solar & wind ‘will not allow us to maintain today’s modern industrial world’ By Paul Homewood Even climatologists are beginning to realise that the emperor has no clothes! Economic growth as we know it is impossible if governments shift to 100 per cent renewable energy, a renowned French climatologist has said. Jean-Marc Jancovici, the author of World Without End, the graphic novel on climate change which has […]

The Idiocene Continues! Spain confirms nuclear power phase-out, extends renewable projects deadlines MADRID, Dec 27 (Reuters) – Spain on Wednesday confirmed plans to close the country’s nuclear plants by 2035 as it presented energy measures including extended deadlines for renewable projects and adjusted renewable auctions. The management of radioactive waste and dismantling of the plants, whose shut down will begin in 2027, will cost about 20.2 […]