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Mark Steyn: Tune into Climate Hustle 2 to see ‘the new world the global warm-mongers are planning for us’ – Steyn featured in film – Watch Tonight Sept. 24 – At 8pm (in every time zone)

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If you’re one of that small brave band who enjoy Steyn on camera, he’ll be back tonight for the premiere of a brand new documentary from Marc Morano and Kevin Sorbo on the new world the global warm-mongers are planning for us, some of which we’ve had a glimpse of during this year’s lockdowns. Mark is in the picture along with many of your favorite climate deniers.

Because most movie theaters around the planet are closed right now, Climate Hustle 2 is premiering as a livestream, with a screening tonight at 8pm – that’s 8pm wherever you and your viewing apparatus happen to be. So it’s 8pm Greenwich Mean Time, 8pm in Helskini, 8pm in Cairo, 8pm in Vancouver, 8pm in Ouagadougou… Tickets are $14.99 and available here.

Here’s the promo – including a half-a-dozen words or so from Steyn:

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