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BERNIE & THE JETS: Watch: Morano on Tucker’s Fox News show with Mark Steyn on Sen Sanders private jet hypocrisy

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MARK STEYN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: Good evening, and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. I’m Mark Steyn. …

Plus is Bernie Sanders a climate hypocrite. That’s straight ahead.

STEYN: Yes, and if San Francisco is underwater, all that human body waste will float across the ocean and annoy those jihadists in Indonesia and Pakistan. It’s a terrible thing. But what is more important to Bernie than saving the planet? His personal travel plans. A recent NBC News report notes that with a potential impeachment trial imminent, Sanders has a big advantage over Senate rivals like Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. He has enough money to fund constant luxurious private jet travel between Washington and the early primary states. (See: Climate Champion Bernie Sanders private plane shuttles: Trump trial could trap candidates in D.C. But Bernie has an escape plan! ‘Private jets to ferry him from DC’ to primary states)

STEYN: Through September of last year, he spent more than $360,000.00 on private jet travel. Marc Morano is the publisher of “Climate Depot” and the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.” And he joins us. Marc, say what you like about St. Greta of Thunberg. But at least she took a raft or a dugout canoe, or whatever it was across the Atlantic to attend that Climate Summit. Bernie doesn’t actually live as if he genuinely believes this climate stuff.

MARC MORANO, PUBLISHER, CLIMATE DEPOT: Not even close, Mark. My first of all, Greta actually cared about public perception even though her crew flew over in planes, even though it had two diesel engines, she actually cared. Bernie doesn’t care at all. Bernie — in 2016, Senator Sanders spent $3 million over on private jets. He told Stephen Colbert last night that he had pondered sharing his private jets with other senators, but he had just basically decided against it. So he is going to be flying alone leaving Senator Warren and Senator Klobuchar on the Senate floor as he uses his private jet to jet off to New Hampshire and Iowa.

STEYN: What about flying with the great unwashed masses? The way that citizen representatives in a republic really ought to be doing?

MORANO: Well, first of all, Bernie is top one percent. He owns three homes. I don’t think he wants to get on a crowded commercial flight with babies and everything else and deal with the inconvenience of it. I mean, this is a serious issue. This is a man who was on Colbert again, last night warned of it being dangerous climate change, but he can’t even for an ounce walk the walk or walk the talk and his situation here. And Bernie — his campaign is hilarious. He spent less than $5,000.00 offsetting the $3 million in private jets for the 2016 campaign, but that’s what they brag about that they bought carbon offsets in order to take care of his private jet usage.

STEYN: Just explain that racket to me because carbon offset means some — I think you pay some money and some guy plants a tree. Bernie comes from a state that is 97 percent forested, there isn’t anyone in Vermont who hasn’t seen enough trees to last them a lifetime. Where is this carbon offsetting happening?

MORANO: Well, it’s as you say, they plant trees in Africa maybe or they just invest in solar and renewable energy, alleged planet-friendly energy. The kind that doesn’t power private jets.


MORANO: That’s what Bernie is investing in, so he is just watching his guilt by doing that. And we have Hollywood celebrities, Joaquin Phoenix just came out and said, we don’t need to take private jets warning other Hollywood celebrities.


MORANO: And by the way, Joaquin Phoenix at the Golden Globes and now with his fashion designer, this is the man who played the Joker, the actor — that he is not going — he is going to wear the same tuxedo to every Hollywood award show. That’s a sacrifice he is making. Bernie won’t even do that. See: We’re Saved! Actor Joaquin Phoenix Plans To Wear The Same Tuxedo To Every Award Function to Combat ‘Global Warming’

STEYN: No. That’s great. Elizabeth Warren isn’t washing her face and Joaquin Phoenix isn’t washing his tuxedo.

MORANO: That’s right.

STEYN: This inspirational stuff, Marc.

MORANO: Well, “Italian Vogue,” has got rid of fashion shoots. This is from the latest issue of “Italian Vogue.” It is all drawings now. That’s how serious people are getting. We’ve saved, Mark. We’re saved. See: Italian Vogue Unveils Photo-Free Issue Because Photo Shoots are Bad for the Environment – Mag features drawings instead

STEYN: Great. No models. Well, then — and the supermodels will save the planet. That makes sense to me. Marc Morano, thank you for that.

MORANO: Thank you, Mark.

STEYN: Climate change on the catwalk.


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“Word is,” Mr. Colbert said, is “that in order to sit for the Senate trial and campaign in Iowa, you’re going to be using private jets at night.”“Well, probably one jet,” Mr. Sanders interjected.

“Multiple rides in a private jet,” Mr. Colbert said.Yes,” Mr. Sanders confirmed.

“Are you going to give rides to the other candidates who are in the Senate?” Mr. Colbert asked.

Mr. Sanders said he’s considered sharing his plane with other senators in the past, but indicated he never followed through with the idea.

“Maybe we can all chip in, get one plane, and come back,” he suggested.

Mr. Sanders‘ comments come after several celebrities have promised to decrease their air travel in order to cut down on their carbon footprint.

During Thursday’s interview, Mr. Sanders said the world must unite to “aggressively tackle climate change and tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of our planet.”