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Watch: Morano on One America News TV: COVID Lockdowns Are A Trial Run For Climate Lockdowns – Morphing ‘from a COVID lockdown to a climate lockdown’ OAN Newsroom UPDATED 11:05 AM PT – Friday, September 25, 2020 As Democrats continue to make so-called climate change the pinnacle of their campaigns, one film takes a closer look at the left’s true intentions with their claims. One America’s Christina Bobb spoke with climate contrarian Marc Morano on the matter. Marc Morano: “At […]

Held over by popular demand! You Can Still Watch Climate Hustle 2 encore premiere with Q&A through Sept 27 (then goes to DVD & on Demand)

Did you miss our premiere last night? Don’t worry! You can still purchase your ticket to see the recorded event through Sept. 27! If you purchased a ticket and missed the show, you have access to unlimited playback thru 9/27! Tickets: #Climatehustle2 — Climate Hustle 2 (@climate_hustle) September 25, 2020 […]

Soros/Gates Funded Progressives Planning ‘Climate lockdown’ – ‘The world may need to resort to lockdowns again – this time to tackle a climate emergency’

OPINION: We may need climate lockdowns to halt climate change, Mariana Mazzucato writes. That might mean governments limiting private vehicle use, banning consumption of red meat, etc. We must do capitalism differently to avoid that. — MarketWatch (@MarketWatch) September 24, 2020 ‘Avoiding a Climate Lockdown’ We need to act boldly now if we […]

Soros/Gates Funded $6.5 million to group now warning world may need ‘climate lockdown’ Soros/Gates-Funded Org ($6.5M): World May Need ‘Climate Lockdown’ By Joseph Vazquez Liberal billionaire George Soros had said the pandemic was providing a “revolutionary moment.” Now Project Syndicate (PS), a group both Soros and fellow liberal billionaire Bill Gates fund, is peddling a tyrannical proposal. Specifically, the group is pushing an eco-extremist idea that the world […]