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Watch: Morano on One America News TV: COVID Lockdowns Are A Trial Run For Climate Lockdowns – Morphing ‘from a COVID lockdown to a climate lockdown’

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:05 AM PT – Friday, September 25, 2020

As Democrats continue to make so-called climate change the pinnacle of their campaigns, one film takes a closer look at the left’s true intentions with their claims.

One America’s Christina Bobb spoke with climate contrarian Marc Morano on the matter.

Marc Morano: “At UN climate summits they call for planned recessions in order to fight global warming and this is what activists are calling for and it’s all about emission control, economy control, redistribution of wealth, central planning our economy.
When COVID came along and the entire world went into a grip of fear and immediately started locking down, everything the climate activists had been demanding almost happened almost overnight.
The COVID lockdown is a trial run for the climate lockdown.
The World Economic Forum they’ve come out and called for — based on COVID and climate — a Great Reset. They are not letting a crisis go to waste. They’re calling for a socialist great reset against capitalism. These are the words of the founder of the world economic forum. They’re going to try to morph climate and COVID together and you’re going to go from a COVID lockdown to a climate lockdown.
In addition, academics in Australia are calling for climate change to be added to your death certificate as a cause of death. We are facing the prospect of daily, monthly, annual death tolls, of people who died from climate change. Climate activists see the fear, the emotional toll of daily death counts, so the climate movement is copying the COVID crisis.”
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