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‘Climate Hustle’ sequel reveals big plans of Big Brother – ‘It’s not about controlling the planet’s climate — It’s about controlling us’


By Chris Woodward (
A new documentary that slams claims about man-made climate change is targeting skeptics who know the facts don’t add up.

“Climate Hustle 2” is the sequel to the 2017 film that recounts the history of climate scares, media-driven hype, and how global warming has become a religion of sorts for so-called alarmists.

Marc Morano of Climate Depot was one of the stars of the first film and he will return for the sequel, which will be released online Sept. 24.

“Our first one was exposing the science as the hustle,” he says. “This one tells you about the agenda behind it, such as what’s behind the Green New deal, what’s behind the Paris climate agreement, and what’s behind the whole climate agenda.”

Morano, Marc (Climate Depot)

What is that agenda? It’s not about controlling the planet’s climate, he insists.

“It’s about controlling us,” Morano tells OneNewsNow.

After the film, actor Kevin Sorbo will host a Q-and-A panel discussion that will feature journalist John Stossel, scientists, and One America News anchor Liz Wheeler.

“After the big, live event, it’ll be available on DVD and on demand,” Morano says of the film.