Thought Hunter Biden Had No Connection to the Climate issue? Think Again – Hunter corresponded with CEO of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

Special to Climate Depot  By Russell Cook Much is being said in the non-mainstream media news about the email communications in Hunter Biden’s laptop, regarding his foreign business dealings with companies in Ukraine and China, and how the collective revelations seem to indicate big trouble for his father, U.S. President Joe Biden. One often-asked question concerns why Hunter […]

Climate activists are silent on polar bears because their doom-mongering blew up in their faces A Grist article last week pandered to activist polar bear specialists over their failed climate change agenda as it tried to minimize why the climate movement doesn’t talk about polar bears anymore. Apparently, the Arctic icon has “largely fallen out of fashion” through “overexposure” resulting in polar bear images invoking “cynicism and fatigue.” But that isn’t […]

Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on climate activists upset at Biden for oil drilling in Alaska: ‘They only want to see China, the Middle East, & Venezuela, producing fossil fuels. They don’t want America doing it’   Morano’s segment begins at 36:50 into video Newsmax TV – Prime News w/ Jenn Pellegrino – Broadcast March 13, 2023     Biden approves massive Willow Project oil drilling in Alaska that climate activists derided as ‘carbon bomb’ Rough Transcript:  Jenn Pellegrino: Tell us the importance of the willow project. And, you know, why […]

Al Gore gears up to sell Biden’s climate law – Will help inform about the ‘climate law’s green goodies, including EV subsidies, heat pump rebates & money for farmers’ BY KELSEY BRUGGER AND ARIANNA SKIBELL Former Vice President Al Gore speaks during an event in Sydney, Australia. | Brendon Thorne/Getty Images Al Gore’s home state of Tennessee is smack at the center of what clean technology boosters dub America’s new Battery Belt. From Michigan to Georgia, factory proposals for building advanced batteries and electric cars, and […]

Al Gore’s ‘eco-friendly’ investment firm owns shares in polluting companies: report By Ariel Zilber The “green-friendly” investment firm co-founded and run by former Vice President Al Gore, 74, owns a portfolio of more than $26 billion worth of shares in nearly two dozen companies that were found to have increased greenhouse gas emissions in recent years, according to a report. Gore, whose Oscar-winning film “An […]

Al Gore on epic rant in Davos – Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Xenophobia – millions of climate ‘refugees’ & ‘boiling the oceans’ & ‘rain bombs’

Al Gore Blames Climate Change for Xenophobia at World Economic Forum GORE: "Look at the xenophobia and political authoritarian trends that have come from just a few million [climate] refugees. What about a billion?! We would lose our capacity for self-governance on this world." — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 18, 2023 Al Gore goes […]

Beyond Meat factory riddled with mold, other dirty conditions: leaked documents – More woes for Al Gore backed fake meat By Thomas Barrabi One of Beyond Meat’s key factories was reportedly riddled with mold, bacteria and other health-related concerns, according to leaked evidence provided by a former employee. A leaked internal document revealed Beyond Meat products manufactured at the plant had tested positive for the harmful bacteria Listeria at least 11 times in the […]

Clergy Hold Multi-Faith ‘Climate Repentance’ Ceremony as UN Summit Wraps Up in Egypt By Dale Hurd The Pyramids were lit up to welcome world leaders to the UN climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in what almost looked like an end of the world trade show, sponsored by Coca-Cola and other big corporations.   ‘COP27’ began as all the other climate summits, with the dire warning that life […]