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Watch: Morano on Ingraham on Fox: EV mandates ‘making freedom of movement more difficult’ to ‘force us into mass transit, subways, buses’ – Plus Gore in Davos claims Net Zero will stop global warming COLD

The Ingraham Angle – Fox News Channel – Broadcast January 17, 2024 

Morano on cold temps stopping EVs: I would argue this is a feature, not a bug. I mean, this is part of making travel, freedom of movement more difficult — the more we’re stuck with cars that don’t work, cars that take a long time to charge, the more they think they’ll force us into mass transit, subways, buses, and the Earth will smile. This is what the ideologues that Davos are pushing. This is what the Biden Administration is pushing.

Morano China’s auto dominance: It was Trump’s 2013 tweet about global warming being invented to help China. China is now passing Japan as the number one Global exporter of cars. There is an invasion of Chinese cars. It’s because they have a monopoly on EVs. As I say, EVS dig the Earth, and that’s why China has a monopoly.

Morano on Gore: Al Gore at the Davos meeting is now saying once we achieve the political goal of Net Zero — which was essentially pulled out of thin air,  according to a top UN scientist — the Earth’s temperature will stop rising almost immediately within 3 years. Gore’s pulling a COVID tactic, like wear your mask, do the lockdown, get the vax and everything will be better very quickly. They’re literally pushing this now — three years and we will stop global warming, and it’s over. We never have to hear about it again according to what we’re hearing from Davos.

WATCH: Al Gore in Davos claims government policies can change Earth’s temps in 3 years! Gore: ‘Once we get to true Net Zero & stop adding, the temps will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as 3 years’

Weather prognosticator @algore: "The good news is that once we get to true net zero and stop adding, the temperatures will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as three years." — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) January 15, 2024 Gore sourced Michael Mann for his claim?! Morano on Gore’s climate astrology […]

Watch: Morano on OAN TV on Al Gore’s Prediction of Climate Refugees

One America News Network – In Focus w/ Alison Steinberg – Broadcast December 29, 2023  Tonight In Focus… Why was this year so historic? From politics to pop culture we will discuss the top stories of the year and how we can make a better new year. Also—-al gore continues to go ‘on and on’ […]

Claim: Immigrants from Southern border could see their ‘carbon footprints’ double or triple by becoming part of the U.S. economy

Wash Times: President Biden’s migrant surge is taking a toll on police, schools, and a wide range of social services — and it turns out, it’s also contributing to global warming.

A Central or South American who immigrates to the U.S. could see their greenhouse gas emissions double or triple, just by becoming part of the U.S. economy. That not only raises the overall global carbon footprint, but also makes it tougher for the U.S. to achieve its own emissions reduction targets, experts said. .. 

Take a Guatemalan, more than 700,000 of whom have been caught trying to reach the U.S. since the start of the Biden administration. In Guatemala, the per capita annual footprint is slightly more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide emissions, according to the statisticians at Our World In Data. The average American accounts for nearly 15 tons.

It’s true that the Guatemalan is likely to be on the lower end of the economy — and therefore carbon emissions — in the U.S. But data from the International Energy Agency says even at those lower rungs of the economy, an American’s emissions can run to two or three tons a year. “If all that matters is global emissions of carbon, then migration, given present realities, does tend to transfer people from the less-polluting part of the world to the more polluting part of the world, though developing countries are certainly catching up as everyone understandably wants to consume more fossil fuels,” said Steven A. Camarota, a researcher at the Center for Immigration Studies, who first explored the idea in a 2008 paper.

Watch: Morano on Fox on Gore warning of billion ‘climate refugees’ – ‘Gore’s basically saying give up your freedom now, or else you’ll have to give it up later’

Fox News Channel – Jesse Watters Primetime – Broadcast December 26, 2023


Morano: You think the climate activists would love this ‘climate migration’ because the Los Angeles Times with Bill McKibben, a climate activist, actually wrote that they want more Hispanics from the Southern border coming in because they’re less likely to vote for ‘climate deniers.’ They actually want the Hispanics to come in because they think they’ll vote Democrat, and they said the quiet part out loud on the pages of the LA Times.

See: Bill McKibben in LA Times in 2013 urged more immigration to stop ‘white America’ from ‘pulling the lever for climate deniers’ – McKibben urged illegal immigration so ‘Latinos’ could replace ‘white Americans’ voting impact – ‘Election after election, native-born…citizens pull the lever for climate deniers’ ‘By contrast…77% of Latino voters think climate change is already happening’

Morano: VP Kamila Harris looked for ‘root causes’ of illegal immigration and blamed climate change. The bottom line is that it’s the climate agenda that is causing massive pain and suffering for people around the world. Look at what happened in Sri Lanka when they went all in on the climate agenda with farming. They overran the presidential Palace they tried to impose the same thing in the Netherlands, but the farmers fought back. Now it’s coming here for in the U.S., we have John Kerry coming after the American farmers, and the climate agenda is coming for Transportation. They’re coming after our energy. This is what causes displacement, it is bad policy —  not climate change —  which has a 99% drop in climate-related deaths over the last 100 years.

See: After 100 years of climate change, ‘climate-related deaths’ approach zero – Dropped by over 99% since 1920

Morano: Gore’s saying we’re going to have to give up our freedoms unless we tackle climate change. He’s basically saying give up your freedom now to the World Economic Forum, to the UN, to the World Health Organization — which wants to declare climate a public health threat. …

Gore’s basically saying give up your freedom now, or else you’ll have to give it up later. The problem is if we give up our freedoms now to fight climate change with his agenda, we’ll never see our freedom again. They won’t grant it back to us.

Watch: Morano on Fox: ‘We Never Had A Vote’ – Blasts Biden Admin For Bypassing Voters To Impose Green Agenda

Fox Business – ‘The Bottom Line’ – Broadcast December 26, 2023

Morano: “We never had a vote. It’s all been decided with executive orders, mid-level bureaucrats, corporate-government collusion, executive agencies,” Morano continued. “Do we need to start limiting meat eating? That’s the other question. The answer’s no to both…I’m arguing we need to challenge this entire premise.”

“It’s climate policy, not climate change, that is going to drive migration, and the same was true with COVID, by the way,” Morano said. “People in droves leaving California and other states. What we’re finding is people in Sri Lanka followed climate policy to the collapse of their government, their presidential palace was overrun. The farmers in the Netherlands were subjected to climate policy, and they almost crushed all the small family-run farms.”

“They are using climate fear to literally restrict and collapse energy, agriculture, transportation, go right after our freedom of movement,” Morano said.

Watch: Morano on Fox w/ Varney on UN climate summit: ‘We have to say HELL NO’ to this whole idea of Net Zero’ – ‘This is an insane goal. It’s an insane meeting’

Varney & Co. – Fox Business – Broadcast December 13, 2023Phasing out fossil fuels is an ‘insane goal’: Marc Morano – Climate Depot executive editor Marc Morano discusses worldwide calls to phase out fossil fuels and Al Gore blaming the mental health crisis on climate change.

Morano: “If you look at this on any timescale, this is an insane goal. It’s an insane meeting. Net Zero is nothing short of Soviet-style central planning that will have no good for humanity. I think it’s time we change the narrative. We have to say ‘HELL NO’ to this whole idea of Net Zero. This has to be stopped.”

Morano on youth climate fears: “Gore’s right, to the extent that young people are worried about climate, there’s actual reports of kids getting psychiatric counseling. We have a young kids 18 young kids, some as young as eight years old, in a lawsuit against the EPA for violating their right to life and ‘ordered liberty’ and they’re saying kids now can’t do their homework during the day. They have to wait for the evening and it cools off because they can’t focus on school.”

Al Gore on UN climate summit: ‘COP28 is now on the verge of complete failure’ – Climate campaigners freaking out Climate campaigners from Al Gore and John Kerry, down to the oddest imported student radical, are freaking out over the draft final text as the climate talks in Dubai near their conclusion. At issue is whether the “outcome” will call for the “phase out” of fossil fuels, or merely call for fossil fuel “reduction” […]