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WATCH: Al Gore in Davos claims government policies can change Earth’s temps in 3 years! Gore: ‘Once we get to true Net Zero & stop adding, the temps will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as 3 years’

Gore sourced Michael Mann for his claim?!

Morano on Gore’s climate astrology at Davos: Gore in Davos claimed if we follow Net Zero, global warming stops cold!

“As Davos is meeting, they hear things like today when Al Gore said if they meet these political targets of Net Zero, which are going to impact businesses, the temperature will stop going up almost immediately. He’s saying in three years we will be able to see an effect. So if businesses believe, you can pass a tax or regulation and stop the earth’s rotation or climate change or the earth’s temperature. That is a pretty big regulatory uncertainty because ideologies at the World Economic Forum will enforce those kinds of regulations on business if they actually believe they can stop temperatures from rising in three years or less. It’s pretty scary stuff.”

WATCH: Junk Scientist and Serial Liar Al Gore Makes Absurd Global Warming Prediction “Once We Get to True Net Zero”

Global Warming fraud Al Gore made a new ‘climate change’ prediction “once we get to true net zero.”

Net-zero emissions is a front for global Communism. “Net zero” will be reached when the world completely ‘eliminates carbon emissions’ and we go back to the dark ages. Only the global elites will continue to live in their mansions, eat meat, and fly in private jets.

Al Gore made the new Global Warming prediction from Davos as he sat outside in the freezing cold weather with a snowy backdrop.

“The good news is that once we get to true net zero and stop adding, the temperatures will stop going up almost immediately, with a lag of as little as three years,” Al Gore said without providing any evidence whatsoever to back up his new timeline.

Gore continued, “And if we stay at true net zero half of the human cause to greenhouse gas pollution will fall out of the atmosphere in as little as 25 to 30 years, but getting there is very tough.”