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Kamala’s ‘evidence-free empty rhetoric’: Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson talks VP Kamala Harris blaming immigration on ‘climate change’

USA News
Tucker Carlson and Marc Morano talk about the claim that climate change is a root cause of the border crisis.
Tucker Carlson Tonight – Fox News Channel – Broadcast July 2, 2021
Background info: 

Reality Check on crops: 

Is Climate Change Fueling Immigration Crisis? Numbers Show Crop Yields Are Actually Increasing: “The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), compiled crop yield data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization from 2000 to 2017. The data was related to the top crops produced in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador — the three countries in the Northern Triangle that make up a bulk of the illegal migrants apprehended on the U.S. southern border…

Most of the top crops in these Central American countries saw an increase in production over the past 10 years — with the exception of El Salvador, but that country also experienced strong growth in other crops over the past decade.”

Reality Check my book Green Fraud: 

“A 2020 study by Prof. Roger Pielke published in the journal Environmental Hazards found that the “evidence signal of human-caused climate change in the form of increased global economic losses from more frequent or more intense weather extremes has not yet been detected.” 

On nearly every metric, extreme weather is on either no trend or a declining trend on climate timescales. Even the UN IPCC admitted in a 2018 special report that extreme weather events have not increased. The IPCC’s special report found that “there is only low confidence regarding changes in global tropical cyclone numbers under global warming over the last four decades.” The IPCC report also concluded “low confidence in the sign of drought trends since 1950 at global scale.”

Similar claims about Syra have been made: 

“There are weather refugees. There are extreme disaster refugees …. Now they’re trying to say that ISIS was in part created by global warming because it created the drought in Syria which created the conditions that made ISIS.”

“It is just the lowest common denominator of politics, and I don’t even think fellow Democrats follow this stuff,” he says. “This is preaching to the ten-percent environmental activists who like these kinds of linkages.”


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