Get ready for Climate Hustle 2: Coming Thursday Sept. 24 at 8pm! Film reveals ‘the way children are used as pawns’

By Jo Nova

Just in time for the US election. Climate Hustle 2 is almost a Who’s Who of the climate skeptic world. It’s a documentary of the power games, dirty tricks and brazen hypocrisy behind the push for a global governance through the excuse of carbon dioxide. It’s about the way children are used as pawns, trained in schools to “become a whole generation of obedient voters”. It’s Eisenhower’s warning, and Nineteen Eighty Four. It’s the Rise of the Climate Monarchy.

Marc Morano and CFACT have circled the world, interviewing everyone from Richard Lindzen, to the late great Bob Carter, to Vaclav Klaus and Patrick Moore, the man Greenpeace erased. There’s Christopher Monckton, Will Happer, Roger Pielke, Tim Ball, Don Easterbrook, Senator Malcolm Roberts, Anthony Watts… too many to name, even briefly, Jo Nova. This is aimed at a wider audience than the skeptics who will be familiar with the battles of the last ten years. But even for the die-hards, there’s something good about putting faces to so many names.

Worldwide, the online premiere is set to take place on September 24th at 8 p.m. (in every time zone around the world … including yours in Australia!). For those who can’t be there at 8pm, the replay of both Climate Hustle 1 & 2 broadcasts will remain viewable through September 27th. 1 hr 35 mins.

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Tim Ball: “Until you push back at Big Government you have no idea how nasty it can get.”

There have only been a few professional documentaries that share the skeptical message. So support CFACT, Climate Depot, and the team that put it together. Skeptics need to reach a wider crowd. There must have been hundreds of hours of footage to condense.


It is an online stream but can, through google chrome cast or Apple TV or just linked up to your computer be watched on your regular television.  One ticket will be enough for you and your family and friends to all watch together.

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