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‘Decried, denigrated, and denied’: Prince of Wales slams climate inaction at New York Climate Week Heir to the throne calls for ‘swift and immediate’ action to address escalating climate impacts in keynote speech this afternoon The Prince of Wales has issued a bleak warning this morning that the climate crisis is a “comprehensive catastrophe” that is set to “dwarf the coronavirus pandemic”. In a pre-recorded keynote speech delivered today […]

7-year tipping point?! Colossal Climate Clock in New York City counts down to global climate deadline of 7 years, 100 days! BY JEFF BERARDELLI In a city with an endless supply of iconic artistic landmarks, one that never fails to capture New Yorkers’ attention is the 15-digit digital display called the Metronome on the south side of Union Square. Many people, admittedly including myself, always thought it was the U.S. national debt clicking off at […]

Get ready for Climate Hustle 2: Coming Thursday Sept. 24 at 8pm! Film reveals ‘the way children are used as pawns’ By Jo Nova Just in time for the US election. Climate Hustle 2 is almost a Who’s Who of the climate skeptic world. It’s a documentary of the power games, dirty tricks and brazen hypocrisy behind the push for a global governance through the excuse of carbon dioxide. It’s about the way children are […]

The Secretive Funding Behind The Global Warming Movement Down the Rabbit Hole of Climate-Change Funders By Robert Morton This article is the first in a multi-part series that aims to expose where at least some of the money is coming from to support the “climate change” movement, while alerting readers to foreign interference in our grasp at energy independence. When one starts […]

Determined Scientists Add Phantom ‘Unprecedented’ Warmth To New Temperature Reconstructions Determined Scientists Add Phantom ‘Unprecedented’ Warmth To New Temperature ReconstructionsNoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by Kenneth Richard / 1d Paleoclimate reconstructions that find no unusual modern warming are nonetheless characterized as showing sharp temperature increases in recent decades anyway. A new (Li et al., 2020) 1818-2012  temperature reconstruction determined 1955 (6.33 °C) and 2001 (7.17 […]

Gleeful Climate Prof. John Schellnhuber: Children will ‘fight for a new society that is sustainable’ Closing Ranks Of Climate Science And Youth “Like A Big Bang”, Says Gleeful Climate Prof. John SchellnhuberNoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by P Gosselin /  In Berlin’s green movement, schools and officials aim to utilize youth to pave the way to a new world.  One lesson Germany loves to keep flunking: The risks of […]

BBC Asks Whether Climate Activism Is Too White, Middle Class BBC Asks Whether Climate Activism Is Too White, Middle ClassClimate Change Dispatch / by Jack Montgomery / 1d The publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is asking if the left-wing climate change movement is “too white and middle class.” The broadcaster, which offered no criticisms of the climate change protest movements beyond its lack of diversity in its video report, […]

Hanoi Jane’s Logic For Green New Deal: Birds Are ‘Dive-Bombing Dead’ – ‘Birds are falling out of the air — dive-bombing dead into the ground because of the bad air!’ Hanoi Jane’s Logic For Green New Deal: Birds Are ‘Dive-Bombing Dead’Climate Change Dispatch / by Joseph Vazquez / 4d For someone as infamous as Hanoi Jane Fonda to exploit the devastating West Coast wildfires to sell the Green New Deal (GND) is just par for the course. She’s used to pushing propaganda. Fonda joined MSNBC blowhard Joy Reid on the September 17 edition of The […]

The Climate Apocalypse: ‘Permanently Immunized From Falsification’ The Climate Apocalypse: ‘Permanently Immunized From Falsification’Climate Change Dispatch / by Francis Menton / 4d In last Saturday’s post, I provided a quote from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophythat encapsulated the gist of the scientific method: “[T]heories that are permanently immunized from falsification . . . can no longer be classified as scientific.” That seems simple enough. Surely we ought to […]

Reuters Daydreams About A Nobel Prize For Greta Thunberg Reuters Daydreams About A Nobel Prize For Greta ThunbergClimate Change Dispatch / by Joseph Vazquez / Reuters is pushing an insane idea that eco-extremist activist Greta Thunberg could get the Nobel Peace Prize. In a story headlined, “A Nobel for Thunberg? In the age of climate change and virus, it is possible,” Reuters’ Gwladys Fouche spouted off that “[t]his year’s Nobel Peace […]