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If Biden declares a ‘Climate Emergency,’ he would seize 130 new powers – Seeks repeat of COVID-style lockdowns with bypassing of democracy – Morano Responds

NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: 'Biden must declare a climate emergency' # Climate Depot's Morano: ""The Biden administration believes that when democracy fails to achieve its climate goals, it's time to bypass democracy and Congress and follow the COVID model. Climate activists have lusted after the COVID lockdowns as the model for climate lockdowns. The plan is to declare a 'climate emergency,' toss out elected representatives and follow China's one-party rule model by implementing energy restrictions through the bureaucracy. They don't need no stinkin' democracy. Throughout history,emergency declarations have been used and abused to crush freedom.For those who loved how unelected officials ruled our lives under COVID lockdowns, prepare for the attempts to make climate lockdowns permanent. For an idea of what the world would look like under a climate lockdown."" See:2021 International Energy Agency's 'Net-Zero' report urges, "behavioral changes' to fight climate: A shift away from private car use‚ upper speed limits' & thermostat controls; limits on hot water and more! 2022 Intl Energy Agency report urges ENERGY LOCKDOWNS: Banning use of private cars on Sundays‚ Reducing highway speed limits‚ more working from home‚ cutting business air travel and SUV 'tax'

Biden: I’ve Declared a Climate Emergency ‘Practically Speaking’

CNN: ‘Biden incorrectly claims he has declared a national emergency on climate’CNN: While Biden has taken a series of significant legislative and executive steps to combat climate change, he has stopped short of declaring a national emergency, which would unlock sweeping new federal authorities and funds to combat the climate crisis. Climate activists have called on Biden since the earliest days of his presidency to declare a national emergency. … The president seemed close to declaring a climate emergency in the summer of 2022 after it appeared Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, had tanked the Inflation Reduction Act – Biden’s signature climate and health care bill. In a July 20, 2022, speech in Massachusetts, Biden strongly hinted that he could declare an emergency.

Politico: Biden says he has ‘practically’ declared a climate emergency. But he actually hasn’t…YET – ‘Would give him a host of new powers to combat climate change’ – “We’ve already done that,” Biden said Wednesday when asked whether he was prepared to declare a national climate emergency during an interview on The Weather Channel. “We’ve conserved more land, we’ve moved into rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. We’ve got a $60 billion climate control facility.” When pressed about whether he has actually declared an emergency, Biden responded, “Practically speaking, yes.”

What it would mean for Biden to declare a national ‘climate emergency’ – ‘Triggers ability for him to deploy around 130 different powers’ – U.S. presidents have declared 60 national emergencies since 1976, according to the think tank Demos. Historically, those have typically been for acute crises, such as specific natural disasters, rather than a long-term predicament like climate change. …

Dumpster Diving NASA Scientist Peter Kalmus: ‘Biden must declare a climate emergency’ – Admits he has ‘bottomless grief’ because ‘we are losing Earth’ & seeks to ‘end’ fossil fuels

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Health Canada report: ‘Core values’ like ‘liberty & individualism’ have ‘to be rethought’ to fight climate change – ‘It advances the individual over the collective’

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