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Health Canada report: ‘Core values’ like ‘liberty & individualism’ have ‘to be rethought’ to fight climate change – ‘It advances the individual over the collective’

Canadian Government Report Unveils Anti-Capitalist Agenda


Health Canada demands collectivism and an end to capitalism to fight climate change

“The hopes expressed by participants encompassed such a vision of collectivism”

“there are 3 core values in western society, and for that matter, in global society, that have to changeOne core value is about growth and materialism. The second core value is liberty and individualismwhich has to be rethought because the kind of individualism that is preached by neoliberals is part of the problem. It advances the individual over the collective… it leads to a huge number of problems, and it undermines the collective process


“If we don’t address capitalism, if we don’t address colonialism, racism, the patriarchy, et cetera, we’re going to tread water for a long time until we eventually drown …”


— excerpts from “Perspectives on Climate Change and Public Health in Canada”

Prologue: Merrickville, Ontario, 2007

It was called “The 3E Initiative”.

series of interviews followed by a meeting of members from Canada’s Laurentian Elite that took place in Merrickville, Ontario in 2007. The agenda was figuring out a path for transitioning the country onto a climate change footing.

The pre-meeting interviewees and meeting participants comprised a who’s who of Canadian dynastic wealth, corporate power, politics – and media. They transcended party boundaries: Former Prime Minister Joe Clark, Justin Trudeau bagman Stephen Bronfman, Patrick Daniel (Enbridge), Stéphane Dion, former Quebec premiere Pierre Marc Johnson, WE Charity co-founder Mark Kielburger, the list goes on.

We can see in these “Strictly Confidential” memos (which are openly linked from a UCLA law professor’s web page) how Canada’s elite ruminated about the lack of action on climate change, and how untenable the required societal mobilization would be in a democracy:

“It is impossible to have real conservation in a democracy! What is needed is a benevolent dictator—globally, and in Canada.”

During the proceedings…

“…many speakers express a longing for an authoritative decision process that somehow takes the issue out of the political arena. Some express this as the need for a “benign dictator;”

Fast forward a quarter century, and it appears as though the core tenets of what the UCLA team called the “Canada Low Carbon Project” are no longer submarine policy initiatives but are now official state canon of Canada.

As noted in the National Post last week, Canada’s Public Health Agency released their core takeaways on the state of public health in Canada.

With COVID largely in the review mirror, and as predicted by many, climate change is now being proffered as the public health emergency du jour. COVID is barely mentioned throughout the 72-page report, other than to make the case that climate action should provide the basis for the same level of policy interventions as taken under the pandemic.

“Considering the accelerated rate at which climate change is intensifying, many experts described how public health should address climate change adaptation and mitigation with the same urgency and concerted effort as COVID-19.


[The] core drivers of climate change – extraction, capitalism, and colonialism – were also described as the root of polarization and fragmentation witnessed recently in public health”

Conspicuously absent is any admission that public health policymakers had gotten every meaningful aspect of COVID dead wrong.

Nowhere is there any mention of the multiple policy failures that made the pandemic response so cataclysmic for public health:

  • the effects of lockdowns
  • suppression of treatment alternatives
  • the censorship and gaslighting,
  • the human rights violations baked into vaccine mandates

…not to mention the ongoing tragedy of vaccine injuries and what looks like a fresh pandemic of “sudden and unexpected” excess mortality.

That’s what caused the polarization and fragmentation, and not these absurd, hyper-woke talking points. And now they’re doubling down on them in a frantic effort to link climate hysteria to public health.

They’re doing it by blaming reluctance to drastic climate action on capitalism, liberty and individualism itself, denouncing these formerly celebrated virtues as embodiments of white supremacy and racism.

Systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change overlap; white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, and racism must be addressed… It’s really about the foundations of our society, the capitalist system… – and we need to change that. How do we do that?”

What do we do about it indeed.

If it wasn’t for the copyright notice on the document

© His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Health, 2023

I would have read this and guessed it was a far-left Marxist screed from Vox, Jacobin Magazine or maybe the now defunct Buzzfeed.

But this is an official government document, from a government ministry, that is low on substance and high on polarizing, divisive and generally unhinged rhetoric (par for the course under this Liberal-NDP coalition).

Newsflash: Climate action isn’t about public health.

This isn’t about public health. This is about transforming what was (until relatively recently) a largely multicultural, egalitarian and meritocratic society, which happened to be one of the most successful and prosperous nations on the planet, into a neo-Marxist, collectivist hive.

Their overarching message is distilled in this statement:

“Climate change is the greatest threat we have to our collective health.”

And that

“there was a shared sentiment from many experts regarding the fear of neglecting the core drivers of the global public health emergency that is climate change. Specifically, they reference the fundamental problems of economic growth, capitalism, and colonization.

I’m not alone in being able to make a more cogent and substantive case that it’s money printing and central planning that creates larger systemic risks to public health than anything else. (“Fix the money, fix the world”).

We know that inflation leaches wealth from the lowest income tiers of society and transfers it to insular elites who are closest to the money printer (Cantillon Effect) . Rising food costs force people to buy cheap, unhealthy calories at the expense of their long-term health.

That’s money printing in action (despite champagne socialists like Jagmeet Singh constantly blaming gorcery stores for “greedflation”).

We just got through a pandemic that originated because of a lab leak from gain-of-function research that was funded and managed by technocrats.

That’s central planning.

Yet, there are no honest post-mortems of our nation’s policy failures. We’re instead subjected to an Eco-Communist Manifesto, from unelected, unaccountable, publicly funded, ideologues, who project their neuroses and biases into a governing apparatus that seeks to impose their collectivist ideations as public policy.

The drive toward climate collectivism is about the money

It’s hard not to suspect that this relentless push toward climate collectivism is borne from an aspiration among the super-elite to return to the bygone days of a caste system wherein they ruled by Divine Right.

As far back as my Crypto Capitalist Manifesto I was saying that the impetus for a carbon-based social credit system had less to do with global warming than the impending collapse of a debt super-cycle that was underpinning the entire fiat money system:

The messaging coming out of global elites such as the World Economic Forum, The Party at Davos, the International Monetary Fund and even places as disparate as The Vatican and Hollywood are all riffing on the same theme: You, the middle class, the lower class, the masses, are going to have to get used to a lower standard of living.

Governments have spent beyond their means for decades, and now the bills have come due. The only way to pay them will include inflation and austerity. It will resemble a controlled demolition of the entire middle class. The easiest way to do that will be to turn as many people as possible into a completely dependant welfare class via endless rolling lockdowns, Universe Basic Income programs and mandatory health passports.

At its core, The Great Reset is a monetary reboot. Its seen as way to restructure the global debt overhang and turn “money” into technocratic lube for enacting grandiose social engineering projects: most of them geared toward ratcheting down the standard of living for the masses.

The drive toward individualized carbon quotas, and social credit delivered through CBDCs is unmistakable, and (providing that the global financial system holds together long enough to roll it out), inevitable.

The only human right that matters.

Robert Breedlove (the “What is Money” show) once said, “All human rights distill down to one: choice.

Capitalism is alchemy: whenever you see the word “capitalist” equate it with free marketsfree will and the alchemy that arises when multiple parties with subjective values come together in agreement and then derive mutual benefit.

This is why we’re bickering about this via smart-phones across vast distances, instantaneously, comfortably ensconced in weatherproof housing, owning property and largely in control of our own destinies.

Without capitalism, the rise of free enterprise and the wealth it generated,  most of us would still be illiterate, feudal serfs or otherwise enslaved; while a small scab of elites (“royalty”) would own all the wealth including us. 

As we’ve laid out, the fiat money system expanded the monetary pie beyond its natural economic limits (debt) and the end of that super-cycle is now upon us. The task at hand is to shrink that pie whilst keeping the oligarchs and plutocrats who own the lions’ share of it, unmolested.

This was spoken quite plainly (although without attribution) as far back as the Merrickville planning sessions of The Canada Carbon Project:

“Doing more on climate change is feasible. It will raise costs, but we can control this and live with it. There just has to be a way to make a profit.”

Translation: Climate change provides the cover to lower the standard of living for everybody else, which is fine, as long as we get to grow our wealth and keep our power.

Now that we have a national government explicitly pining for collectivism just remember one thing: individualism and liberty is only a problem for the masses. The subtext going forward will be “collectivism for thee, but not for me”.

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