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Health Canada report: ‘Core values’ like ‘liberty & individualism’ have ‘to be rethought’ to fight climate change – ‘It advances the individual over the collective’

Canadian Government Report Unveils Anti-Capitalist Agenda BY MARK E. JEFTOVIC Health Canada demands collectivism and an end to capitalism to fight climate change “The hopes expressed by participants encompassed such a vision of collectivism” “there are 3 core values in western society, and for that matter, in global society, that have to change. One core value is about […]

Climategate professor Michael Mann: ‘The GOP is the single greatest enemy of the planet’

Michael Mann science. — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) April 25, 2023 # Related:  Trump is a ‘threat to the planet’, claims Michael Mann – ‘The future of this planet could quite literally lie in the balance’   Climate activist Michael Mann’s solution to deadly tornadoes: ‘We need to pass Build Back Better…to address this problem […]

Wash Post: ‘Large-scale wind & solar farms require at least 10 times as much land per unit as coal- & natural gas-fired power plants’

Analysis: Large-scale wind and solar farms require at least 10 times as much land per unit as coal- and natural gas-fired power plants, including the land used to produce and transport the fossil fuels, research shows. — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 24, 2023 Analysis by Maxine Joselow America’s energy transition hinges on […]