Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson: Ukraine war, ’emergency declarations’ & crises are being used to bypass democracy to implement Green New Deal

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Broadcast April 1, 2022 – Fox News Channel


Rough Transcript:

Tucker Carlson: There’s a reason they are focused on Ukraine and it’s to give you the Green New Deal whether you want it or not. Marc Morano is the author of “Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse than you think. He joins us tonight. 

Marc, thanks so much for coming on. You’ve written and thought so much and reported so much about the Green New Deal. No chance Congress would ever pass anything like that because nobody wants it, but a war into which we are now being drawn because of their policies is a perfect cover for giving us the Green New Deal whether we want it or not.

>> Marc Morano: Yes, it is. They introduced the green new deal in Congress and never scheduled hearings, votes, there were no town halls, there were no constituent services. No one wanted, they didn’t want to vote on it. They didn’t need a vote. Biden declared that every cabinet agency would be a climate agency. One of the biggest things about our energy that a lot of people miss is the defunding of our energy industry. Through the banking system, through the SEC. They are now forcing climate disclosures on everyone. They now have their claws — federally regulators — in every aspect of pretty much of any business going forward if this keeps up, without a vote of Congress. That’s what they’re looking for.

And they know the Green New Deal won’t pass. The Covid lockdowns actually gave them many aspects of the Green New Deal with the immediate lockdowns, but now going forward, they are doubling down, using the Russian invasion.

The solution to the Russian invasion is the same solution to climate change, it happened to be the same solution to COVID too — which is more working from home, less driving, less freedom, more restrictions on your liberty. Regardless of the crisis, it always empowers the administrative state, the bureaucrats, and those in power.

>> Tucker Carlson: That may be the point of the crisis is to do that and this is not a civics show but I hear the word “democracy” roll off the tongues of virtually every authoritarian in Washington. Is this how democracy works? You use a diversion to get massive societal changes around the legislature and impose them by force? Is that what democracy is?

>> Marc Morano: No. What they’ve decided as they are going to rule by emergency declaration, by crisis management. This is how they want to do it. The COVID emergency declaration gave us, particularly in blue states, some red states, every governor became a dictator virtually overnight as they imposed whatever mandate they felt like. Whether it was masks, kids, vaccine passports, you name it, they could do it because they were empowered.

Look back in history, the fall of the Roman Republic into an empire was due to the abuse of emergency powers. So was the centralization of power in the middle ages.  The German republic, 1933, 12-year (state of emergency) declaration in Germany led to of course all the abuses in Germany.

Now we’ve got the Patriot Act,(due to 9/11’s 2001 Declaration of National Emergency), through this kind of crisis management. Now they are using, right after the Covid crisis, they’re going to pile on with this. People would not volunteer to give up their cars, or their SUVs. But now you have reports like International Energy Agency calling for stopping the driving of cars on Sunday, they want to do odd/even license plates for when you can drive, lowering speed limits, SUV taxes. Because we are in this energy crisis. They are achieving policies that they could never get through the elections.

>> Tucker Carlson: The people who will tell you the oceans are rising are buying $30 million houses on the beach. I don’t believe you anymore!
[Laughs] Marc Morano, we are out of time but I appreciate you coming on.

>> Marc Morano: Thanks, Tucker.



Intl Energy Agency report urges ENERGY LOCKDOWNS: ‘Banning use of private cars on Sundays…Reducing highway speed limits…more working from home…cutting business air travel’ & SUV ‘tax’

Climate Depot’s Morano: “COVID 2.0 has arrived?! The 2022 International Energy Agency’s (IEA) report sounds an awful lot like an energy version of COVID lockdowns. Instead of opening America back up for domestic energy production, we are told to suffer and do with less and are prescribed the same failed lockdown-style policies we endured for COVID. It is odd how COVID ‘solutions’ also allegedly helped the climate and now the same solutions are being touted to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  As a bonus, IEA tells us these measures will also help ‘achieve vital climate goals.’ Let’s simplify this: The proposed ‘solutions’ to climate change, COVID, and now the Russian war are all exactly the same — hammer the poor and middle class with more restrictions on travel, less freedom, and even more surrendering of power to unelected government regulators.

This new 2022 report from IEA comes follows their 2021 report urging a form of climate lockdowns to battle global warming. The 2021 IEA report called for ‘behavioral changes’ to fight climate and ‘a shift away from private car use’ and ‘upper speed limits’ and thermostat controls; limits on hot water & more!.

‘Every agency is a climate agency now’ – ‘How Biden could use his whole government to take on climate change’ – Education Dept to fund teachers ‘to raise awareness of climate’ -‘ A whole-of-government approach’ – Climate will touch ‘every single piece’ of Biden’s budget

Dem Sen Majority Leader Schumer urges Biden ‘to call a climate emergency’ – ‘He can do many, many things under the emergency powers…without legislation’

Alert! Covid 2.0?! Biden urged to ‘essentially nationalize private industry’ to ensure lower energy prices & ‘a tool to combat climate change’ – ‘Invoke Cold-War Powers’

The BBC featured an analysis in 2021 examining how “when governments abuse emergency powers.” “History shows that during times of crisis, politicians tend to reach for more power,” wrote Luke Kemp, a research associate at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge.

The Permanent Pandemic: WHO seeks greater future powers via International Treaty – Gives WHO power to censor health information worldwide

Paul Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer explained that it was due to Australia’s International Health Obligations. That’s an international treaty we signed because we’re a member of the WHO. As far as a quick search turns up, Australia, Canada and the UAE may be the only nations still banning their own citizens from leaving. In Canada, things are so inexplicable, the vaccinated don’t even need to do a test anymore.

Kelly explained: “There have been I think 8 emergency declarations after the first emergency declaration under the Biosecurity Act in early 2020.” “One of the main reasons for providing that is for protection of the rest of the world.” – “We are signed up to a treaty called the International Health Regulations, and there is a specific component of the Biosecurity Act which addresses that matter about the protection of others.” 

Nova: “The WHO is a menace — They only had one job in the last 50 years, and they failed dismally, now they want more power. Now the WHO wants bigger better pandemic treaties. Like the IPCC but so much worse.” 


Analysis: Emergency Laws Destroy Democracy when Imposed Domestically – By William L. Kovacs – Excerpt: The question that needs to be addressed is why do emergency laws apply in domestic matters? Canada’s recent use of its Emergencies Act illustrates it is an economic and social death penalty for the citizens it is used against. Should civilized governments, yet alone democracies, set out, without due process, to socially and financially destroy its own citizens? In the 21st century, governments know they do not have to beat people bloody in front of cameras to destroy their lives. The government needs only make laws so unjust and lacking in due process, that people cannot defend themselves. During the truckers’ protest in Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the  1988 Emergencies Act, claiming the protest is an illegal blockade endangering public safety. The Act is to be used in situations that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians.” The types of situations it is to address include espionage, foreign influence activities, serious threats of political violence, or acts intended to undermine or overthrow a constitutionally established government. None of these situations apply to peaceful protests whose offense is blocking streets and making noise. The Emergencies Act allows the government to force banks to freeze the social media accounts that collect money to support the protesters, freeze the bank accounts of the protesters, seize their [300] trucks, revoke their driver’s licenses, deny them insurance on their trucks, and of imprisoning them for years. It also authorizes the government to deny citizens the right to assemble and prohibit travel in certain areas of the country.  By cutting off the ability of truckers to make a living, Trudeau is executing their ability to live a normal life. Trudeau was the first prime minister in the thirty-four years since its enactment, to invoke the Emergencies Act. Trudeau finds peaceful resistance to be so extreme as to be a threat to the state. 

If at any time the president of the U.S. feels, thinks, or worries about an emergency, he has the power to declare it through an emergency proclamation. While the U.S. has only one law designated “National Emergencies,” NYU’s Brennan Center identifies 136 laws or other authorities that allow the president to establish a national emergency. Ninety-six of these laws require nothing more than the signature of the president on an emergency proclamation. Fifteen of these emergency laws have restrictions such as involving a specific subject matter or the need for armed forces. Only thirteen of these emergency laws require a congressional declaration of emergency. These 136 emergency laws are part of a massive legal framework that contains over 3000 separate criminal offenses in 50 titles of the U.S. Code and 23,000 pages of federal law. That was the last count in 1980. More troublesome, the National Emergencies Act “…does not define what constitutes a national emergency.” Without a legal definition, determining the statutory meaning of the term falls to the common meaning found in a dictionary. Merriam Webster defines a national emergency as “a state of emergency (an unforeseen circumstance needing immediate action) resulting from a danger or threat of danger to a nation from foreign or domestic sources and usually declared to be in existence by a governmental authority.” A very subjective definition. Historically, emergency powers were limited to wartime. But today, non-war-time presidents want war powers to control citizens in a domestic setting. The Covid pandemic is the most recent use of emergency powers. Relying on emergency public health powers the federal government-imposed mask and vaccine requirements on the entire population of the nation while keeping the science supporting its proclamation secret. It locked up the entire nation for two years. Another recent example, on inauguration day, Joe Biden, without the involvement of Congress, terminated all authorities requiring the construction of the Southern border wall which was being built to keep drug cartels, sex traffickers, and criminals out of the U.S. … Literally, Congress through the enactment of the National Emergencies Act gives all presidents the power to be a dictator, at the time of their choosing. The only possible restraint is for Congress to remove such power, at least as it applies domestically. 3000 criminal laws should be sufficient for any government to keep the peace. – William L. Kovacs has served as senior vice-president for the US Chamber of Commerce, chief counsel to a congressional committee, and a partner in law DC law firms. His book Reform the Kakistocracy is the winner of the 2021 Independent Press Award for Political/Social Change. His second book, The Left’s Little Red Book on Forming a New Green Republic, quotes the Left on how it intends to control society by eliminating capitalism, people, and truth.


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