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‘Raw authoritarian power’: Morano on Newsmax TV – Covid lockdowns & vaccine passports are transforming USA into Chinese-style one-party state


Broadcast September 9, 2021 – 8pm ET
Sebastian Gorka Host
Marc Morano of
Grant Stinchfield Show
Newsmax TV
Full Segment below: 
Newsmax TV host Sebastian Gorka: “Let’s talk to the man who I consider to be the anti-Al Gore. Morano has done more to educate the world on the con that is the environmentalist movement than anyone else. His new book, (Green Fraud) of course, has AOC on the cover. Morano is the founder of the website, a superb website. Marc Morano, welcome to Stinchfield (show)

Marc Morano: Thank you very much, Sebastian. Happy to be here.

Sebastian Gorka: Marc, explain just in a thumbnail sketch why none of this should surprise people who are students of history as a child of parents who escaped socialism who understands the horrors of Stalin of Lenin of the quote-unquote ‘workers paradise’ that Karl Marx promised that actually led to the deaths of a hundred million humans in the last century. How do we understand the Green New Deal, the mask mandates, the vaccination mandates, as really a new form of socialism?

Marc Morano: Well that’s a great question and here’s a simple thumbnail: For decades the progressive movement has tried to impose and sought a one-party state in America. Climate activists from Tom Friedman on the pages of the New York Times extolled the virtues of China’s one-party system. UN climate chiefs talked about a centralized transformation and praised china for getting it right on climate. So what happened was they spent decades trying to scare us about overpopulation, global cooling, the amazon rainforest (allegedly disappearing), and finally, climate change, and they failed. A virus comes along and they realized that this cut across ideologies, cut across political affiliation and they were able to declare an emergency and suspend normal democracy. They were able to achieve their one-party state with an unelected bureaucracy.

So the climate activists became very jealous of COVID because everything COVID did depressed the economy, locked the economy down, kept people from moving, limiting travel, micromanaging every level of your life, weddings, funerals, whether you could go out, whether it was a justified reason, imposed curfews, bans on backyard barbecues. This is the kind of control they wanted for climate and the environment left for decades — COVID gave them that that’s why Jane Fonda said COVID was God’s gift to the Left.

Fast forward: The reason Joe Biden can try to impose a vaccine passport system in the United States is because of the COVID emergency health declaration where democracy is suspended. We are now in a Chinese-style one-party state. This is not something that’s going to happen in the future, it is being imposed on us now using the COVID 19 emergency declaration. They don’t want hearings in Congress, they don’t want to vote, they don’t want town halls, this is raw authoritarian power that they’ve sought for decades and they never thought in their wildest dreams that in a year and a half of COVID they could have this kind of success — but here we are.

China's one-party system at risk

China’s one-party state

Sebastian Gorka: So let me be clear, let me repackage what Marc Morano just told us: They’ve succeeded for a year and a half to shut down America, to tell you what you can do and now they’re going to use the same tactics the lockdowns, the shut-ins, the quarantines, the business closures, not for covid or COVID 20 or COVID 21 the excuse is going to be the climate. It’s all a watermelon it is green on the outside but a deep red communist on the inside. Educate yourself. Get Marc’s book about the Green New Deal and go today to the that he founded.


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