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Flashback: John Lennon in 1971: ‘I don’t believe in overpopulation. It is a myth’ – ‘A joke’ – And he was proven correct!

Here we go again: 2019: Population Control Is a Critical Part of Climate Fight, Scientists Warn

In 1971, Beatles legend John Lennon bucked the “consensus” on overpopulation. And Lennon was correct!

Lennon on Dick Cavett Show – Broadcast 1971:

I think it’s a bit of a joke the way people have made this overpopulation thing into a kind of myth. I don’t really believe it, you know. I think whatever happens will balance itself out and work itself out.” Lennon stated.

It’s alright for us all living say ‘well there is enough of us so we won’t have any more. Don’t let anybody else live.’ I don’t believe in that. I think we’ve got enough food and money to feed everybody and I think the natural balance — even though old people will last longer — I think there is enough room for us…”

When Lennon was questioned again, he responded:

Yeah, I don’t believe in overpopulation, you know. I think that’s just a kind of a myth the government has thrown out to keep your mind off Vietnam…and all the important subjects.

The host of the show then stated, “Oh, I think you are wrong about that,” he said.

And in typical Lennon style he replies, “Oh, I don’t care!


Lennon was scientifically correct about overpopulation fears in 1971. See:

Slate Mag on the new population problem — UNDERPOPULATION! ‘And in the long term—on the order of centuries—we could be looking at the literal extinction of humanity’

Paging Ehrlich! Slate Mag: ‘About That Overpopulation Problem. Research suggests we may actually face a — declining world population in the coming years’  Climate Depot’s Factsheet on Overpopulation – ‘Is too few people the new ‘population problem?’

PAUL EHRLICH BOMBS AGAIN: ‘In the more than four decades since The Population Bomb was published, the number of people inhabiting the Earth has more than doubled, but the death and poverty rates have dropped, and life expectancy has increased. Not only are we feeding more people than ever before, we’re doing it with less land’

Paging Paul Ehrlich! Fred Pearce on ‘The overpopulation myth’: ‘Population growth is slowing

John Lennon was right about overpopulation


But wait, how can climate activists warn about overpopulation when they have also predicted that climate change will make humans extinct!? See:

Mass global extinction that wipes out human civilization will begin in 2100, mathematician predicts

Flashback 2015: Harrison Ford on Climate Change: ‘There Won’t Be Any Damn People’ – Actor Harrison Ford warned that“if we don’t work together” to combat climate change, “The planet will be ok, there just won’t be any damn people on it.”

Greens Should Cheer! Earth’s problems solved! BBC: Sperm count drop ‘may lead to human extinction’ – Humans could become extinct if sperm counts in men from North America, Europe and Australia continue to fall at current rates, a doctor has warned.

UN IPCC Scientist: Climate change could make humans extinct – ‘Unless we get control of it, it will mean our extinction eventually’ – Helen Berry, associate dean in the faculty of health at the University of Canberra, said while the Earth has been warmer and colder at different points in the planet’s history, the rate of change has never been as fast as it is today. ”What is remarkable, and alarming, is the speed of the change since the 1970s, when we started burning a lot of fossil fuels in a massive way,” she said. ”We can’t possibly evolve to match this rate [of warming] and, unless we get control of it, it will mean our extinction eventually.”

More on Overpopulation below. 

Accurate Tribute to Paul Ehrlich: ‘Mad…Kook…Lunatic…Disgraced…Worse than Hitler…fear-monger…parasite on Academic system…Bernie Madoff of science’

Analysis: Empty Planet: The Shock Of Global Population Decline – ‘Will decline rapidly later this century’ – ‘Population bust’ – “We need to prepare, not for the consequences of a population boom, but a population bust. A child born this decade will probably reach middle age in a world where population growth has stalled, and may already have begun to shrink. “–Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson, The Observer, 27 January 2019 


Paul Ehrlich’s Epic Fail: Why The ‘Population Bomb’ Never Exploded

No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It

Terence Corcoran: The Population Bombers Keep On Bombing — And 50 Years On They Keep Getting It Wrong

Ehrlich 1967 : Everyone to Die By 1975, Unless The Government Poisons Us

Analysis: ‘Rich-world scientists in the grip of a dystopian Malthusian vision have, for 40 years, manipulated public fears’

At UN, Gore Demands ‘Ubiquitous’ Population Control for Climate

‘Baby bust’: ‘Remarkable’ decline in global fertility rates – ‘More grandparents than grandchildren’

Chart showing top 10 countries

‘The earth is angry’: Miley Cyrus Won’t Reproduce Due to ‘Climate Change’

Warnings of climate cannibalism are nothing new: Ted Turner in 2008 warned that AGW survivors ‘will be cannibals’ & Paul Ehrlich warned in 2014 that ‘climate change’ will force humans to ‘eat bodies of dead’

Climate ‘BirthStrike’: This woman won’t have children because of climate change. She’s not alone – The founder of a group of “birth strikers” says choosing not to have children is only rational when faced with the potential havoc that climate change may inflict on future generations.”We’re looking at famine and we’re looking at mass displacement. We’re looking at severe weather systems, we’re looking at general drought and sea-level rise,” said Blythe Pepino, who launched the BirthStrike movement.

For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one – ‘I had this internal struggle: ‘Do I really want to bring a child into this world?’a Seattle 29-year-old pondered

Flashback: US Should Kidnap And Sterilize Indian Peasants To Prevent Overpopulation

The Population Bomb Was a Dud – ‘Ehrlich got it wrong because he never understood human potential’

Population Panic And The Reverse “Handmaid’s Tale”

Al Gore warns black people hardest hit by ‘global warming’ – Flashback 2014: Gore promoted ‘fertility management’ to reduce population in Africa

Gore in 2018: “Speaking at a memorial to the victims of lynching, the former vice-president warned of the disproportionate impacts of global warming”


Gore in 2014: Al Gore advocated “fertility management” to reduce the number of Africans and help mitigate climate change. Gore made his remarks alongside of Bill Gates at a World Economic Forum. The former vice president explained that “making fertility management
ubiquitously available” is “crucial” to reduce resource use. “Africa is projected to have more people than China and India by mid-century—more than China and India combined by end of the century. and this is one of the causal factors that must be addressed,” Gore warned.

Al Gore’s “Fertility Management” Pitch, in a Nutshell: A wealthy white Western politician is telling the world that there are going to be far too many black people in Africa.

NBC News Says It’s Immoral To Have Kids. Here Are 6 Reasons Why That’s Insane.

Flashback 1980: Paul Ehrlich calls oil ‘a resource which we know damn well is going to be gone in 20 or 30 years’ (By year 2000 or 2010)

Ehrlich 1980: ‘Do we really want to threaten to blow up the world over a resource which we know damn well is going to be gone in 20 or 30 years anyway?’

‘Every country is now overpopulated.’

‘There is a finite pie. The more mice you have nibbling at it the smaller every mouses’ share.’

Paul Ehrlich admits it: ‘I am an alarmist. My colleagues are alarmists. We’re alarmed, and we’re frightened’

Earlier this month, the biologist Paul Ehrlich used a similar defense after co-authoring a study that warned of a coming “annihilation” of vertebrates. “I am an alarmist,” Ehrlich told the Washington Post. “My colleagues are alarmists. We’re alarmed, and we’re frightened. And there’s no other way to put it.”

Flashback WaPo: Earth is on its way to the biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs, scientists warn – Ehrlich said the point of the research is exactly that — to cause alarm. “I am an alarmist. My colleagues are alarmists. We’re alarmed, and we’re frightened. And there’s no other way to put it,” he said. “It’s largely a political and economic problem. We have a government that’s doing everything they can to push these things in the wrong direction. We have economists who think they can actually grow forever in a finite planet.”

Gore’s ‘pronouncements on population may be more embarrassing than his climate predictions’ – WSJ Cites Climate Depot

Wall Street Journal Cites ‘mischief makers at the Climate Depot website’ for confronting Gore at Sundance

Wall Street Journal: “Eleven years later, the mischief makers at the Climate Depot website asked him about the 10-year deadline at this year’s festival—just before he climbed into a large chauffeured sport-utility vehicle. He didn’t have much to say then, but in the absence of drastic global measures, it’s clear that Mr. Gore now believes that the end is not quite nigh. The tech website CNET describes an “optimistic” Mr. Gore with a “sunny outlook” discussing his latest cinematic venture with a crowd in San Francisco.”

Scientists Say Having Fewer Kids Is Our Best Bet To Reduce Climate Change

Gloria Steinem Backs Abortion Because: ‘Forced Childbirth is the Single Biggest Cause of Global Warming’

Science-Denier Bill Nye: Is It Time To ‘Penalize People For Having Extra Kids?’

Nye: So, should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?

Travis Rieder: I do think that we should at least consider it.

Bill Nye: Well, “at least consider it” is like “Do it.”

Travis Rieder: One of the things that we could do that’s kind of least policy-ish is we could encourage our culture and our norms to change, right?


NPR: ‘Should We Be

Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?’ ‘We should protect our kids by not having them’

Aussie Climate Scientist: Having a Baby is an “ethical entanglement”

Vatican Resurrects Pro-Abort Paul Ehrlich – Invites ‘huckster of overpopulation’ fears to Vatican

Salon: Childless Climate Faithful Upset By Celebrity Hypocrisy

Vatican Invites ‘Population Bomb’ Hoaxer Paul Ehrlich to Address Biodiversity Conference

U. of Maryland researchers: ‘Population & Climate Change’: ‘In order to avoid collapse, government policies are needed to stabilize population and stabilize industrial production per person’

‘Condoms & Climate’: UC Berkeley Professor: A Condom Per Day Keeps Climate Change Away – ‘Humans have become more numerous than nature intended’ – ‘At a talk this week on ‘Condoms and Climate’ given at the Commonwealth Club of California, leading author Alan Weisman and University of California, Berkeley Dr. Malcom Potts advocated for family planning as a means of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. In Potts’ opinion, family planning is the most cost-effective way to reduce carbon’