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The World Economic Forum & Corporations Are Coming for Your Cars – WEF & VISA ‘briefing paper’ seeks 75% reduction in cars globally by 2050

By The Editorial Board

If the World Economic Forum (WEF) has its way, the number of cars around the world will be reduced by 75% by 2050. How ironic that the denizens of Davos who spend much of their lives being chauffeured back and forth from international conferences hate cars.

The goal is buried in a briefing paper released last month called “The Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool: Benchmarking the Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility.” It points out that more than two-thirds of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. If we are to meet their needs and achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, the report recommends “electrification, public transport and shared mobility.”

This will mean a lot fewer cars: “Reduce vehicles from a potential 2.1 billion to 0.5 billion.” That is a radical drop with fewer than 30 years to do it. But this, it says, “could slash emissions from passenger vehicles by 80% compared to a business-as-usual scenario—reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by 3.9 billion tons a year.”

World Economic Forum’s May 2023 Global New Mobility Coalition ‘briefing paper’ “in collaboration with Visa” – The forward was co-written by Douglas Sabo, the Chief Sustainability Officer with Visa and the WEF’s Jeff Merritt who is the “Head of Urban Transformation” at WEF.

The Urban Mobility Scorecard Tool: Benchmarking the Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility – BRIEFING PAPER MAY 2023



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