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Watch: Morano on Fox News on climate flight bans: ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’ – ‘Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich’ & they are ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ – ’15-minute cities’ like E. Germany

Fox News Channel – Fox News Tonight – w/ Joey Jones  – Broadcast June 1, 2023


Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox News Tonight’ To Discuss France Banning Short Flights


Joey Jones: Thank you. All right, climate extremists are determined to ban everything from cars, cows and gas stoves to save the planet. Now, France has just banned short-haul domestic flights but the ban is only for commercial airlines, the ultra-wealthy can continue to take short flights on their private jets. Marc Morano is the publisher of He joins us now. Thanks for joining us break this down for us, so we understand, did France do anything of value here?

Marc Morano: Well, what France is doing is leading the way for the climate Net Zero agenda. We already have Germany, Austria, Spain; these are all countries that are following suit. Greenpeace is calling for an EU-wide ban for flights up to six hours in length. This is the new reality of Net Zero as it’s actually being implemented.

You will go nowhere and be happy. This is happening all over the world. Bloomberg News did an article about how cheap airline travel is basically a thing of the past because of, ‘climate compliance’ laws. So this is happening globally. We haven’t banned flights yet in the United States, but we can certainly see airline prices going up. Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich. Private jets are not going to face these restrictions.

Joey Jones: Maybe that’s what it is, maybe the rich want more air space so they can take off and land whenever and whenever they want to don’t have to worry about peasants in the business class or on commercial jets. But more seriously here, you know, the left would tell us, and this is usually a priority of the left that healthcare is a human right, pretty much identity is a human right. Isn’t moving your body from one place to another, isn’t that kind of a human right?

Marc Morano: It absolutely is. America, we’re founded order that freedom. ‘Go west, young man’. And here’s the bottom line, in this Net Zero world which we have signed onto, the United States is fully participating — we have 15-minute cities being experimented in Europe. It’s kind of like the old East Germany, if you leave your sector you have to pay your fine and can only leave 95 times a year if you leave your little 15-minute area.

You have activists, those people you see defacing art blocking traffic, they’re calling for a national climate emergency. Guess what happens in a national climate emergency? These activists claim you can only fly when it’s ‘morally justifiable’. So if you want to go to Florida for a beach trip, that is not happening, but if you have to go for a funeral, maybe.

Joey Jones: France is 68% nuclear. They are, to my understanding, the cleanest energy in the developed world. Is this more just rhetoric and left-wing signaling than what they really should be doing?

Marc Morano: Yes, even advocates admit it’s not going to actually affect CO2 emissions by banning these short-haul flights. You’re right, they did something sensible with nuclear energy, but France is just following this whole Net Zero agenda. By the way, we’re following it when it comes to cars. The Biden Administration is intentionally creating car shortages by mandating electric cars. We’re going to face a situation where they’re trying to force us into mass transit by raising the cost of cars. There’s no way they can meet the utopian vision, but they can restrict our movement.

Joey Jones: There are a lot of remote places in this country that would really be hurt by something like this so let’s hope that common sense takes hold. Marc Morano, thanks for joining us.

Marc Morano: Thank you Joey.



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