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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends: California is experiencing ‘self-inflicted’ energy wounds following Green New Deal policies – ‘A return to primitivism’

California is experiencing ‘self-inflicted’ energy wounds following green new deal policies

Sep. 08, 2022 – 5:21 – publisher Marc Morano on how California is experiencing the consequences for the attack on energy


Rough Transcript: 

Todd Piro: This week for Governor Gavin Newsom can’t be any worse. First he comes out saying we’re gonna ban all gas-powered cars for electric cars. And then, we can’t provide enough electricity to keep people’s homes cool in a horrible, horrible heatwave.

Marc Morano: This is about the worst public relations campaign I’ve ever witnessed by any politician in the history of the country, let alone California. On one day they announced that they’re going to ban gas-powered cars based on ideology that they can just wave a magic wand. The next day, the very next day, they announced that you shouldn’t be charging your EVs because the power grid can’t handle it. A few days after that, suddenly, Gavin Newsom is donning jackets and sweaters during a heatwave, saying how cold it is and now there’s getting text alerts saying you can’t use your TV and appliances. You can’t use basic energy as the California grid is collapsing now.

This would be a California joke if these policies stayed in California, this was self-inflicted. They did this to themselves, but you have at least a dozen states following California’s energy model, especially with banning gas-powered cars. And you have the Biden administration constantly praising California as though it’s some kind of energy visionary. This is a utopian vision, gone bad with reality — that reality bites. Utopia is no more. California’s self-inflicted energy wounds are here for all to see. And it’s following Green New Deal policies.

Piro: Does the green New Deal, do anything other than create shortages and suffering wherever it goes?

Morano: What they do is they basically say we’ll mandate it and then magically, it’s going to happen. And now we’re seeing not just California. We have the dystopian vision of Europe being ahead of even California down the Green New Deal path. And we have there the EU that had now just come out and said we need to flatten the energy curve to flatten the demand curve in order to meet our energy demands. This is getting a weird dystopian COVID feel.

I wrote about this in my book, The Great Reset. They’re imposing COVID-style restrictions on energy now because they’ve created this based on the Green New Deal ideology. This is a frightening situation when Europe is facing a physical lack of energy. Europe is now at the point where they’re they’ve gone beyond controlling thermostats. They’re banning hot water, they’re banning all sorts of energy. And there’s no way out at the moment because they’ve created this situation over the last decade. The US is following suit. This is a very serious problem. It’s not two weeks to flatten the curve. This is essentially a great energy reset following a Green New Deal.

Piro: Yeah, to be clear, while climate elites like John Kerry saying you should follow the European model. We should not follow the European model because people are going to die there this winter because they can’t keep their homes in your estimation mark how deadly will this winter be in Europe?

Morano: They are talking about people fearing a return to primitivism. They’re talking about Europe, fearing winter like they did before the Industrial Revolution. Seniors on fixed incomes face danger. Remember cold kills much more than warm and that’s what we’re facing.

So let’s let’s review: They’ve created massive food shortages with this NetZero Green New Deal style policies. They’re shutting down farmers in the Netherlands, Canada, and Australia. They’re creating new car shortages. They’re trying to mess up by transportation and they’re creating energy shortages. This is all based on ideology — a superstition — that if we shut down energy, modern energy will have less hurricanes somehow in the future. And Europe is going to be the test case. And it’s looking very grim right now because they don’t have the infrastructure and they’re desperate right now for energy.

Piro: My big fear mark is that we’re going to follow this even though you and I are having this conversation. The climate elites don’t get it. They think that we can undo what China and India are doing. We just can’t and that’s scary. Especially when you know the Northeast starts following California’s model. And we start having those deaths here. Marc Morano, thank you so much for being here and letting us know about this issue. It’s scary. We got to pay attention. We got to wake up.