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Study: Lower emissions during the COVID lockdowns caused climate warming effect – ‘Short-lived cooling particles in the air was greatly reduced’ By E&T editorial staff Published Wednesday, May 31, 2023 While reduced air pollution emissions leads to better air quality, they also enable stronger climate warming effects, scientists in Sweden have said. A team from Stockholm University analysed air quality data captured during the Covid pandemic shutdowns in South Asia. They found that the concentration of […]

Watch: Morano on Fox News on climate flight bans: ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’ – ‘Flying is going to be a venue only for the rich’ & they are ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ – ’15-minute cities’ like E. Germany

Fox News Channel – Fox News Tonight – w/ Joey Jones  – Broadcast June 1, 2023 .    Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox News Tonight’ To Discuss France Banning Short Flights RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Joey Jones: Thank you. All right, climate extremists are determined to ban everything from cars, cows and gas stoves to save the […]

John Kerry To Peasants: Die, To Save The Planet – ‘The world’s population must slash meat consumption’ – Statistician pushes back: ‘Net Zero is the lunatic idea’ By WILLIAM M BRIGGS It doesn’t seem to make much difference whether a man inherits his money or earns it. Once he reaches a certain threshold of the green stuff, there’s a good chance he will begin to equate his own intelligence with the level of his wealth. He says to himself that only […]