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John Kerry To Peasants: Die, To Save The Planet – ‘The world’s population must slash meat consumption’ – Statistician pushes back: ‘Net Zero is the lunatic idea’


It doesn’t seem to make much difference whether a man inherits his money or earns it. Once he reaches a certain threshold of the green stuff, there’s a good chance he will begin to equate his own intelligence with the level of his wealth.

He says to himself that only a true genius could have this much money, an attitude which is a special form of madness. The dumber, and richer, he is the more likely he is to fall prey to this fallacy.

The reason is the rich man is surrounded by supplicants. Greedy leeches schooled in the art of flattery. Even ordinary people, not rapacious themselves, are overawed by stacks of cash and become prone to babbling meaningless compliments. They always have a distant hope some of that gold will shine on them.

Stupid people, rich or no, are more likely to accept these endless and earnest praises. Surrounded by incessant praise, they come to believe it.

Enter John Kerry, who, by marriage, got his money. But we needn’t hold this union against him. Because he could just as well have earned it himself and come to the same idiotic end.

No other theory beyond the one I advanced adequately explains his theory that to “save the planet” we need to shut down farms.

Yes, he did too say so.

And he said it sitting next to another man who resisted Epictetus’s admonition to reject flattery, computer software salesman Bill Gates.


Kerry, Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, issued the warning during a green agenda conference in Washington D.C.

During the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) AIM for Climate Summit, Kerry told the audience that “we can’t get to net zero, we won’t get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution.”

Kerry warned attendees that his and other world leaders’ “lives depend” on farmers ceasing their operations.

Stopping farmers from growing food will lower agriculture “emissions,” Kerry insists.

Net zero is the lunatic idea that some bureaucrat’s measure of “carbon”—the midwits means carbon dioxide, but can’t bring themselves to say it, it sounds so nonsensical—will balance out in some Expert model they create for themselves. You don’t get to see what goes into these models, but must trust the Experts when the magical condition of “net zero” has been met.

Now Kerry is right about one thing. Stopping people from farming will indeed stop their “emissions”. If by “emissions” he means breathing. Because once farmers stop farming, the food stops. And once the food stops, breathing stops. And once breathing stops, emissions stop.

And once emissions stop, the nirvana of “net zero” will have been reached.

I realize that this sounds stupid, and I am embarrassed to have to write it. My having to explain that it is food that keeps people alive means we have regressed in science to a point even before Neanderthal man’s contributions. Still, that is where we are.

What in the unholy Hell else could “lives depend” on stopping farming mean?

Kerry went on to say, with Gates drooling his agreement, that “the world’s population must slash meat consumption.” Which will be simplicity itself, once farms are shut down.

But, now I think on it, I might have to explain to those Experts reading this that, believe it or not, animal meat comes from farms and not the grocery store.

In practice, Kerry’s plan is like the Dutch government’s. They are using “nitrogen” to fret about in the Netherlands and not “carbon.” A matter of taste, I guess. The end result is the same.

The government will shut down little- and mid-guy farms, while allowing mega-corporation donors—I mean farm owners—to keep running. Meaning Kerry, and Gates, are calling for a New & Improved! scientific method of collectivisation. Only instead of direct government ownership of farms, oligarchs will own them. The price they pay will be having Experts produce the regulations that govern them.

Could it be a coincidence Gates has been buying up farmland?

“That’s poor writing, Briggs. It is a coincidence. You want to ask what it means.”

You’re right. The better thing to ask is, is Gates a raving madman, or is he merely greedy?