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Watch: Obama Energy Dept. scientist Dr. Koonin dissents: Human have not ‘broken’ the climate system – Climate alarmists ‘misinformed’

Obama Energy Dept. scientist: No evidence humans contribute to hurricanes, climate alarmists are ‘misinformed’

By Fox News Staff | Fox News

Former undersecretary for the Department of Energy under President Obama, Steven Koonin defended his dissent from the Biden administration’s stance on the global “climate crisis” on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, where he dismissed climate alarmists as “misinformed.”

STEVEN KOONIN: When you read the official reports from the U.N. And U.S. Government, you find some surprises. For example, even though the globe has warmed by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit over the last century, the incidence of heatwaves across the 48 states is no greater now than it was in 1900 and the highest temperatures haven’t gone up in 60 years. 

We have been able to find no detectable influence on hurricanes from humans. And the models that we used to predict future climates have become more uncertain, even as they become more sophisticated. 

So, all of these things suggest that people who say that we have broken the climate and face certain a certain doom unless we take drastic action are just misinformed about what the official reports actually say.

You’ve got to go to page 780 something in the last national climate assessment to say that we’ve not been able to show that humans have an influence on hurricanes.




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