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Watch: Morano on Fox on Biden’s green energy spending: ‘All you’re going to end up with is massive failure, massive debt, & massive inflation, which is what we actually have’

Fox Business – The Evening Edit – Broadcast December 20, 2023

Marc Morano: What they’ve done is double down on the failure. If you remember, in 2009, Biden, then vice president, was labeled ‘Sheriff Joe’ because he was going to oversee this Obama green energy stimulus funds, and he did oversee it — to things like Solyndra and its total collapse and all the democratic donors disproportionately received a lot of that money. It was also a big source of Al Gore’s massive increase in wealth from all of these green stimulus bills. What they’re doing now is making the same mistakes over and over. I’m sorry, DOE mid-level bureaucrats cannot pick winners and losers in an energy economy. All you’re going to end up with is massive failure, massive debt, and massive inflation, which is what we actually have.

Morano: When you declare war on energy even to the point of jailing fossil fuel executives as Biden did, and all the executive orders and every Cabinet agency is a climate agency is attempting to shut it down. When you make energy rationing, and you make energy more expensive, you’re going to have higher prices; you’re going to have less economic growth. That’s one of the fundamentals. The other thing he’s done is massive spending, massive debt, which leads to massive inflation, and there’s no sign that they’re stopping; they’re just doubling down, and the more they fail. The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.

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