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Russell Brand on The Great Reset: Farmers are being ‘bankrupted by top-down edicts…isn’t it possible, likely even, that that was always the intention?’


Excerpts from video: 

Russell Brand: The financial crash in 2008 was it real or was it part of the Great Reset? That’s just another conspiracy theory! I spoke with journalist Matt Taibbi about how he spotted rage in people following the crash in 2008 during the Obama years and how Trump capitalized on that by feeling the audience.

Matt Taibi: “When Trump saw vets in the crowd, he would say we have to do something about these endless wars, because they’re not getting us anywhere.”

Russell Brand: We’re talking about the Great Reset and how this project came about. How people’s trust in democracy particularly in the United States has been eroded ever since the 2008 financial crash. How the people were betrayed under the Barack Obama administration, an administration for which many people and I include myself in this felt, a great deal of what we now have to acknowledge was cock-eyed optimism. The Great Reset is understood to be a project that is about centralizing and concentrating global power, centralized power, institutions such as the WHO, WEF events like Davos are assumed to be the kind of public face of the sometimes presumably nefarious organizations. … 
When people have ideas and a sense that there are a set of globalist entities that have a kind of loose project to disempower and disenfranchise ordinary people in very real and sometimes explicit ways i.e the WEF now famous mantra ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy.’
When people see that play out when they see that you know centralized hedge-funded property development firms are acquiring property. When they see that the agriculture from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands is being bankrupted by top-down edicts to change their farming practices in ways that are presented as being ecologically friendly but close examination reveals that by his fruits shall we know him. If the result of an edict is it bankrupts farmers, allowing centralized agricultural interests to acquire land cheaply, then isn’t it possible likely even that that was always the intention?  … 
My producer said before the pandemic if you wanted to control a social uprising, let alone a revolution it would have required military and tanks on the street. Now you can control that from a laptop. You can shut down people’s bank accounts. You can control people’s information. You can see how this is being used to augment a social credit type society and how we’re already being sort of eased towards that even if it’s not a malign intent. The state wants power. The corporate world wants profit. The media is aligned with both of those interests in ways that without a very deliberate conscious effort is going to be inertly carried towards the same outcomes. And the agenda — the same agenda, therefore, is pursued and it seems to me that at this point that saying those things are a conspiracy theory is unfair. I mean it’s beyond the point where you can say it’s fantastical. 
Matthew C. Taibbi is an American author, journalist, and podcaster:  How can you be an American worker who watched the factory that used to be in your town moved to a place like China while the United States gives most favored nation trading status to the Chinese and then listen to a politician say ‘Well you know you should learn to code or whatever.’ It just doesn’t fly. You start to feel like they’re not really working for you, that they’re working for the people in Davos or something like that. Well it feels like that sometimes, it feels like that the kind of things that are discussed in you know at a global level that involves states people that involve big media big tech representatives that involve some of the most powerful interests in their world powerful and public.
‘Trying To F*ck Up Ordinary People’: Russell Brand Goes On Rant Against The ‘Great Reset’ – Brand: “You have to recognize that organic farming is not the desired end point.” “The displacement of the people is the desired end point. The disempowerment of the farmers, the bankruptcy of the farmers is the desired end point. That’s what- oh no, we were just trying to create more organic farms. Look what’s happened. We fucked up the livelihood of all these ordinary people. That’s not- it’s not a mistake, they’re trying to fuck up ordinary people.”