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‘Trying To F*ck Up Ordinary People’: Russell Brand Goes On Rant Against The ‘Great Reset’


Russell Brand criticized the “great reset,” as mass protests rip through Sri Lanka and farmers protest in Germany and the Netherlands.

Brand, in a video posted Tuesday to YouTube, discussed how he believes that we “should be respectful to the earth … and responsible energy,” but only for the benefit of “ordinary people” rather than “centralized power.”

Brand then noted the farmer activists and Sri Lankan protesters have been pushed to the wayside and have been “screwed over” under the guise of “safety, convenience” and “helping the planet.” (RELATED: Glenn Greenwald Gives Shoutout To Russell Brand For Highlighting His Reporting On Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer, Media Bias)

Quoting an article from the Daily Caller News Foundation that said “a ban on chemical fertilizers implemented April 2021 in an effort to promote organic farming proved the final straw after a string of missteps,” Brand said the push to promote “organic farming” hurts ordinary farmers.

“Even here they say in an effort to promote organic farming. Now even if you’re like me, you’re sympathetic to the idea of organic farming, and even think that organic farming would be a step in the right direction, you have to recognize that organic farming is not the desired end point.”