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Watch: Robert Kennedy Jr. rejects Biden’s climate agenda – Rejects ‘very, very heavy top-down controls & subsidies’

Breaking… @RobertKennedyJr rejects Biden's climate agenda: 1. While he believes climate is an "existential" threat, he says has "no problems with people who don't believe that." 2. Rejects "very, very heavy top-down controls" and subsides to industry. 3. Says if we do… — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) May 19, 2024 While RFK Jr. believes climate […]

Watch: Morano on Fox on U.S. Climate Envoy John Podesta: ‘He says really stupid things, & maybe that’s the reason they’re trying to avoid any Congressional oversight’ California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Pope Francis talk climate change at the Vatican. @ClimateDepot knows from experience: “They bring in people, direct opposition to just about everything the Catholic Church believes in, & they virtue signal on climate.” @dagenmcdowell @SeanDuffyWI — The Bottom Line (@BottomLineFBN) May 16, 2024 Fox Business – The Bottom […]

GOP bill to keep Biden’s ‘hands off’ Americans’ home appliances passes House By Elizabeth Elkind Fox News House Republicans at war with President Biden’s green energy policies Democrats and Republicans banded together to pass a bill on Tuesday aimed at blocking the Biden administration from banning everyday home appliances that run on natural gas. The Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act, which passed 212 to 195, is one […]

Watch: Morano on Lou Dobbs TV Show breaks down why there is no ‘climate emergency’ & how billionaires Gates & Bezos use climate to expand their control

  The Great America Show – Climate Liars and Truth Deniers – Broadcast May 3, 2024  CLIMATE LIARS & TRUTH DENIERSThe Great America Show with Lou Dobbs – The Left’s Climate worshipers say humans need to re-engineer the climate. Bill Gates donating billions to Harvard to block the sun.  They’re talking about conducting radical experiments on the […]

Top Biden Bureaucrat Consulted With Eco-Activists To Justify Infusing Social Justice Into Wind Program By NICK POPE A senior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) official consulted climate activists about finding legal justification for the agency’s push to get developers to invest in “underserved communities,” according to communications obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust. Marissa Knodel, a senior adviser at BOEM who formerly worked for eco-advocacy group Earthjustice, sought the […]

Do U.S. Presidents Matter for Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction? The answer is not what most people will expect Do U.S. Presidents Matter for Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction? The answer is not what most people will expect By ROGER PIELKE JR. Pop Quiz! Before reading on, please provide your best guesses matching the presidential administration with with the annual rate of carbon dioxide emissions reductions over each president’s term in office — dating […]

Steve Forbes says declaring a climate emergency would ‘wreck’ economy & result in higher energy prices By Bethan Moorcraft Declaring a national climate emergency would “wreck” the U.S. economy, according to Forbes Media chairman and editor-in-chief Steve Forbes. The two-time Republican presidential candidate was responding to rumors that top advisers to President Joe Biden have resumed talks about invoking a climate emergency — a significant move that would unlock federal […]