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Morano speaks in Europe – CFACT co-hosts the 16th International Conference on Climate Change in Vienna Scientists, engineers, energy and policy experts from around the world gathered last week from June 13-15 to make the case for “climate realism” in Vienna, Austria. Dubbed The 16th meeting of the International Climate Change Conference (ICCC), the gathering featured such heavy hitters as Nobel Prize physicist John Clauser, Trump science advisor William Happer, astrophysicist Dr. […]

New study: ‘Realistic’ global warming projections for the 21st century – ‘Realistic, non-alarming scenarios of 21st century climate’

New study:   “Realistic” global warming projections for the 21st century by Nicola Scafetta My new paper  demonstrates that realistic emissions scenarios and climate sensitivity values & scenarios of natural climate variability produce more realistic, non-alarming scenarios of 21st century climate. I would like to thank Judith Curry for inviting me to write a […]

Watch: RFK Jr. declares ‘carbon fundamentalism’ hijacking environmental movement – Rips Biden’s climate policies as ‘top-down totalitarian controls’ & ‘boondoggle’ – Condemns offshore wind for ‘exterminating the whales’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr.: “President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act will drive billions of dollars into hair-brained carbon reduction projects like offshore wind, which produces energy at five times the cost of onshore wind and does enormous harm to dolphins and whales. Carbon fundamentalism, which values the reduction of carbon above all else, overlooks […]

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán’s think tank denounces net zero as ‘Soviet-like’ – Embarks on a mission to break Europe’s climate ‘consensus’ BY FEDERICA DI SARIO BRUSSELS — Global warming? A luxury belief. Net-zero policies? Soviet-like rules. Telling children about the uncertain future of a boiling planet? A crime. Those are just some of the fringe — and factually challenged — views increasingly bouncing around Brussels thanks to a think tank closely linked to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor […]

Roger Pielke Jr.: ‘How Democrats Left the UN IPCC Behind – ‘Democrats — not all, but many — have left the IPCC behind in favor of an extreme view of climate and extreme events’ Partisan realignment on the science of climate change By ROGER PIELKE JR. On Wednesday, I’ll be testifying before the Senate Committee on the Budget in a hearing titled, “Droughts, Dollars, and Decisions: Water Scarcity in a Changing Climate.” My testimony is embargoed until then, but after the hearing, I will post my oral and […]

Watch: Tucker Carlson: None of the ‘climate demands disempower large organizations whether it’s NGOs or the govt. Not one of them, they all make the government more powerful & they all make you less powerful’

Tucker Carlson: “Let’s say you believed every piece of science or scientific claim bout global climate change. You would not reach the same policy conclusions. You’d be like, well the first thing we need to do is ban private air travel ’cause obviously that doesn’t make any… — Camus (@newstart_2024) May 20, 2024

Joe Bastardi: The summer offensive on climate ramping up for the weather weaponizers By Joe Bastardi It’s that most wonderful time of the year for the weather weaponizers. It’s summer, so it gets hot, and it’s hurricane season. So, the climate hysteria offensive is here, and it is going to get stronger. It’s the perfect storm of the election, the current highest on record in the satellite […]

Astrophysicist Warns About the Coming Little Ice Age: ‘It’s Already Started’

The Astrophysicist Warning About the Coming Little Ice Age: “It’s Already Started” BY HANNES SARV “CO2 is not a bad gas,” says Valentina Zharkova, a Professor at the Northumbria University in Newcastle, U.K. On the contrary, she points out, every garden centre uses it in its greenhouses to make plants lush and green. “We actually have a […]

New Book on climatologist: Everything Reminds Me of Tim: Biography of Tim Ball – He spent the better part of his career trying to convince the world that ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ was a man-made hoax. by Marty Ball Tim came to Canada from England in 1957 at the age of 17. He worked in Toronto and Sudbury until 1960 when he joined the RCAF as an Aircrew Radio Operator. He was trained in Winnipeg, where he met and married Marty, who was a student nurse at St. Boniface Hospital. Tim […]