NBC News urges wearing 4 masks! CNBC goes for 3 masks – But Wash Post & CNN only go for wearing 2 masks

NBC News: 

Zero Hedge: Doctor Tells NBC: Americans Should Consider Wearing Four Face-Masks

According to Dr. Scott Segal, chair of anesthesiology at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, even that may not be enough.

“If you put three or four masks on, it’s going to filter better because it’s more layers of cloth,” Segal told NBC News. …

However, Segal’s advice is contradicted by CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida, who said, “Three masks may be going too far, since that could interfere with the ability to breathe.”

What will Americans tolerate next? In China, more than a million people have undergone “anal swab coronavirus tests” because authorities say they are more effective.






Washington Post: 


Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, touted double-masking during a Monday appearance on the “Today” show, saying two layers “just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective.”

But on a Wednesday town hall appearance on CNN, Fauci appeared to reverse course and instead stressed following CDC guidance, which does not call for wearing two masks or N95s. New CDC Director Director Rochelle Walensky, appearing alongside Fauci, also warned that N95 masks are uncomfortable to wear and may dissuade consistent use if expanded to the general public.

“If we could get every famous influencer and celebrity to wear new masks and wear double masks … that might actually be a great way to start a new social norm to getting the kind of masks they want worn,” Aldoory said.

Danny Ryan, a 27-year-old who works in communications in D.C., said he was swayed to switch to two cloth masks in part after he saw Biden and Vice President Harris doubling up in recent weeks. He also reconsidered the protection of a single mask after seeing his breath while waiting outside for a coronavirus test, although experts say that is not a sign of a malfunctioning mask.

“It just stuck in my head — they are wearing two masks, protecting them underneath and maybe more above,” said Ryan, who now keeps extra masks by his door. “To be perfectly honest, I just feel safer doing it with updates in the news about the new variants.”





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