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Morano: Biden’s energy restrictions mean ‘we’re going to be back seeking out endless wars’ The fossil fuel-hating Biden administration is rolling out a “green” agenda in a crusade to rescue mankind from warming temperatures, with an eye on equity and more union members, but a skeptic of man-made climate change says the real threat is coming from inside the White House. … Watching all of those plans unfold […]

Analysis: Disproving Increasing Hurricane Intensity Claims Disproving Kossin’s Increasing Hurricane Intensity Claims: Update — Guest Post by Greg Kent BY BRIGGS Editor’s note I have strong views on statistical “significance”, confidence intervals, p-values, and all that, finding them harmful and worse. However, Kossin used these concepts, and a criticism of his methods on his terms has value. There’s much more to Kent’s […]

Kerry admits zero emissions in US wouldn’t make difference in climate change WASHINGTON — President Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, admitted Wednesday that the US reducing its emissions to zero wouldn’t make much of a difference in the global climate change fight — before pushing domestic manufacturing of electric cars and solar panels in favor of energy production. Kerry’s remarks were made ahead of Biden’s signing […]

Hate-Spewing Rhode Island Professor Claims Data, Statistics, And Science Are Racist by Jeff Dunetz | Jan 27, 2021 ParlerFacebookTwitterFlipboard Erik Loomis, a hate-spewing left-wing professor at the University of Rhode Island claims that statistics, data, science, and facts are all racist ideals created by “white supremacists.” He is supposedly a history scholar. But how does a historian do history research without data and facts? Per Climate Depot’s Marc Morano: […]

Analysis: Trump Did Well on the Environment and Saved Americans Money in the Process By Kevin Mooney There is a big untold story over the last four years of the Trump administration that involves unelected bureaucrats who suffocated America’s energy industry under President Barack Obama before they were corralled and brought to heel by President Donald Trump’s EPA. Lost in the news coverage of the Capitol Hill riots on […]

General Motors plans to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2035 GM plans to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2035, ending production of its cars, trucks and SUVs with diesel- and gasoline-powered engines. The company’s “aspirations” are part of a larger plan for the Detroit automaker to be carbon neutral by 2040 in its global products and operations. GM’s plan comes a day after President […]

Biden Energy Sec. nominee Jennifer Granholm admits some jobs may be ‘sacrificed’ in climate push President Biden‘s climate-inspired executive orders are resulting in his Cabinet picks getting grilled over the ensuing job losses that come from halting various projects. On Wednesday, it was Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm, who was peppered with questions about the impact of Biden’s ban on future gas and oil leases on federal lands. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SUSPENDS […]

Activists compare climate change to alien attack: Former Calif Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘This is almost like we’re suffering an attack from Mars’ & MSNBC’s Joy Reid: If ‘aliens…come & attack us, it’s going to be because we destroyed the planet’ ‘Like we’re suffering an attack from Mars’: Jerry Brown urges US to work with world to speed up climate action by Mica Soellner, Former California Gov. Jerry Brown said the Biden administration is moving in the right direction on climate change, but the country must also work with its global counterparts to mitigate the crisis and […]