Activists compare climate change to alien attack: Former Calif Gov. Jerry Brown: ‘This is almost like we’re suffering an attack from Mars’ & MSNBC’s Joy Reid: If ‘aliens…come & attack us, it’s going to be because we destroyed the planet’

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‘Like we’re suffering an attack from Mars’: Jerry Brown urges US to work with world to speed up climate action
by Mica Soellner,
Former California Gov. Jerry Brown said the Biden administration is moving in the right direction on climate change, but the country must also work with its global counterparts to mitigate the crisis and come to what he called “planetary realism.”
Brown, a climate activist and executive chairman of Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, a nonprofit science organization that focuses on global security issues, said in an interview with the Washington Examiner that the president is on course to reverse former President Donald Trump’s climate policy rollbacks.
The United States has to work with the world on fixing the problems created by climate change, Brown added.
“This is almost like we’re suffering an attack from Mars — some extraterrestrial species,” the former governor said. “We have to come together in what I call planetary realism.”



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