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Many scientists & peer-reviewed studies support Trump’s claim that ‘It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch’ – Trump added: ‘I don’t think science knows actually’

Watch the video below of President Donald Trump on September 14, 2020

President Trump’s analysis is supported by decades of climate research and scientists.

President Trump, at a California wildfire briefing on September 14: “It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch.” Wade Crowfoot, California Secretary for Natural Resources: “I wish science agreed with you.” President Trump responded: “Well, I don’t think science knows actually.”

President Trump’s claim that “science” does not “know” has been echoed by prominent scientists who emphasize that scientific uncertainty over climate needs to be acknowledged. Renowned Princeton Physicist Freeman Dyson, who died earlier this year, said, “I have strong views about climate because I think the majority is badly wrong.”

“The main thing that is lacking at the moment is humility. The climate experts have set themselves up as being the guardians of the truth and they think they have the truth and that is a dangerous situation,” Freeman explained. (Also see: Princeton Physicist Freeman Dyson: One of the early scientists to study CO2 effects in 1970s – Rips current climate science: ‘If they did not scare the public they wouldn’t get support from the government’)

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President Trump’s cooling remarks also have support in the scientific literature and among many scientists.

A sampling of studies and scientists who back President Trump’s climate analysis. 

2020 Study: Much Of The Globe May Experience ‘No Warming’ For 30 Years – ‘We may experience a global cooling trend during next 15 or even 30 years’

Before ‘global warming’ caused droughts – – Global Cooling Led To Widespread Droughts In The 1970s

2019: Chinese scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve – ‘Impact of the Sun on Earth’s climate may be greater than previously thought’

2019: New Study: Modern Warming Was Driven By ‘Primarily Natural’ Factors – Global Cooling Has Now Begun


2017: Seven New (2017) Papers Forecast Global Cooling, Another Little Ice Age Will Begin Soon

2016: Scientist: Sun’s activity will cause global cooling

Climate Depot Exclusive Round Up of Global Cooling  Predictions – June 2014 

Aussie Scientist Dr. David Evans: New solar theory predicts imminent global cooling: Dr. David Evans: As we head to the UNFCCC meeting in Paris 2015 where global bureaucracy beckons, a sharp cooling change appears to be developing and set to hit in the next five years. Yet consortia of five-star politicians are not preparing for climate change, only for global warming. Around the world a billion dollars a day is invested in renewable energy, largely with the hope of changing the weather. Given that 20% of the world does not even have access to electricity, history books may marvel at how screwed priorities were, and how bureaucratized science cost so much more than the price of the grants.

‘Global cooling imminent’: ‘Sharp cooling’ to hit in the next five years, says new solar theory

German Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning: UN IPCC Models A Failure, ‘Have No Chance Of Success’…Sees Possible 0.2°C Of Cooling By 2020 – His charts show that solar activity correlates well with temperature, which Lüning calls “a surprisingly good match”. He then presents the various solar cycles that the sun undergoes, going into the works of Gerard Bond, who made temperature reconstructions using layers of ice-rafted material in the North Atlantic. Lüning calls the synchronicity between solar activity and temperature found by Bond “stunning”.

New paper by Russian solar physicist by Habibullo Abdussamatov predicts another Little Ice Age within the next 30 years

Global Temperature Standstill May Last 30 Years, Climate Scientist Predicts: Prof. Anastasios Tsonis at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee,: ‘I would assume something like another 15 years of leveling off or cooling’

New paper predicts temperature decrease by 2020 of up to 1C due to low solar activity for certain locations – Published in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics

New paper predicts solar activity will decline over 21st century to average Holocene levels – Published in Climate of the Past

Major Danish Daily Newspaper Warns: ‘Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age…Much Colder Winters…Dramatic Consequences’! – Paper features Danish solar physicist Henrik Svensmark on the subject of the UN IPCC: ‘…many of the climate models used by IPCC and others overestimate the influence of CO2 and underestimate the influence of the sun. … The IPCC is very one-sided, so I don’t think there will be anything reasonable in the next report.’

Bundle Up! German scientists predict a century of global cooling – Two German scientists, Horst-Joachin Luedecke and Carl-Otto Weiss of the European Institute for Climate and Energy, say that “two naturally occurring climate cycles will combine to lower global temperatures during the next century.” They added, “by the year 2100, temperatures on this planet will plunge to levels seen at the end of the ‘Little Ice Age’ in 1870.” These researchers used historical data detailing temperatures as well as cave stalagmites to show a recurring 200-year solar cycle called the DeVries Cycle.

Sunspot Enigma: Will Inactive Sun Cause Global Cooling? ‘Earth’s response to low solar activity will overturn many of our assumptions about man’s influence on climate change. Cold not warmth might be our future’

Better Get your Woollies! ‘No doubt about it. The Earth’s climate is cooling!’ — Essay by Environmental Chemist By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser – ‘The question now is solely ‘when, not if’ the current interglacial period will come to a sudden end. Nature had an earlier attempt at it when, in the mid-1600’s, the world experienced a cold spell lasting some 60 years which is now commonly known as the medieval “Little Ice Age.” That period coincided with the “Maunder Minimum,” an unusual low number of sunspots through several sunspot cycles

Sun’s bizarre activity may trigger another ice age, says Irish solar scientist – ‘Solar activity has been falling steadily since mid-1940s, a change that in the past triggered a 300-year-long mini ice age’

Russian Academy of Sciences: Global warming over in Central Asia – Current Temps Not ‘Unique’; Cooler era ahead – Global warming is over in Central Asia, and a new cooler period is ahead, according to Russian Academy of Sciences scientist Andrei Daryin – ‘Whenever we look a thousand years back, it appears that the situation is not that unique. A temperature rise comparable with today’s parameters already happened 1,000 years ago,’ he said. In fact, climate change cycles correlate with solar activity, the expert continued.

Geologist Dr. Norman Page: ‘The Coming Cooling’ – ‘The Demise of the UN IPCC and the CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming) Delusion’ – ‘The IPCC’s remit was never to study climate objectively but to support the proposition  that anthropogenic CO2 was the main climate driver and that increasing emissions would produce warming with catastrophic consequences by the end of the 21st century. To their eternal discredit too many of the Western scientific establishment  abandoned common sense and scientific standards of objectivity and prudence in order to accommodate their paymasters.’

BBC: UK Climate Scientist Warns: Real Risk Of A Maunder Minimum ‘Little Ice Age’ Due To ‘Decline in Solar Activity’

Geologist E. Kirsten Peters: She warns cold spell near? – Geologist digs deeper on climate change

New Book by David Archibald: ‘The Twilight of Abundance’ – Warns of Global Cooling – ‘Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short’

Coming global cooling? Aussie Solar Expert David Archibald: ‘Lower solar irradiance will result in lower temperatures on this planet. It is a question of when.’



Climate Depot Note:

Many scientists in recent years have noted the recent global cooling and predicted many years to decades to centuries of more global cooling. Below is a sampling of scientists and studies on global cooling.

UW-Milwaukee Professor’s Peer-Reviewed Study Predicts 50 Years of Global Cooling – January 2010: ‘A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee professor is making headlines for his work suggesting the world is entering a period of global cooling. “Now we’re getting a break,” Anastasios Tsonis, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at UWM, said in an interview with the MacIver Institute. Tsonis published a paper last March that found the world goes through periods of warming and cooling that tend to last thirty years. He says we are now in a period of cooling that could last up to fifty years.

Atmospheric Scientist Tsonis on record cold: ‘It just isn’t true to say this is a blip. We can expect colder winters for quite a while’ – Tsonis was flooded with ‘hate emails’ after 2009 peer-reviewed study predicting ’20 or 30 years of cooler temperatures’ — ‘People were accusing me of wanting to destroy the climate, yet all I’m interested in is the truth’

Russia’s Pulkovo Observatory: ‘We could be in for a cooling period that lasts 200-250 years’

New Study: Russian Astrophysicist from Russian Academy of Science Predicts Global Cooling: ‘From 2014 we can expect start of deep cooling with a Little Ice Age in 2055′ — Habibullo I. Abdussamatov, Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science, St. Petersburg, 196140, Russia — Applied Physics Research, Vol. 4, No. 1 February 2012: Abstract: ‘We can expect the onset of a deep bicentennial minimum of total solar irradiance (TSI) in approximately 2042±11 and the 19th deep minimum of global temperature in the past 7500 years – in 2055±11.’

Flashback Sept. 2009: ‘Sun Sleeps’: Danish Solar Scientist Svensmark declares ‘global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning…enjoy global warming while it lasts’

Global Cooling Coming? Aussie Scientist David Archibald uses solar and surface data to predict 4.9°C fall — ‘Normal solar cycles are 11 years long, but the current one (cycle 24) is shaping up to be 17 years (unusually long), and using historical data from the US, David predicts a 2.1°C decline over Solar Cycle 24 followed by a further 2.8°C over Solar Cycle 25. That adds up to a whopping 4.9°C fall in temperate latitudes over the next 20 years. We can only hope he’s wrong’

Prominent geologist warns ‘global COOLING is almost a slam dunk’ for up to 30 years or more — ‘There is no single piece of real evidence that points to CO2′ as driving temps – Dr. Don Easterbrook: ‘We’ve had 27 climate changes in the last 400 years: warm, cold, warm, cold. There have been four in this past century that have nothing to do with CO2, because CO2 wasn’t a factor hundreds of thousands of years ago. We know that those are not at all related to CO2. So why would we expect climate change today to be related to CO2?’

Professor Judith Curry of, the chair, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, on June 14, 2013: “Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002 (note: I am receiving inquiries about this from journalists). This period since 2002 is scientifically interesting, since it coincides with the ‘climate shift’ circa 2001/2002posited by Tsonis and others. This shift and the subsequent slight cooling trend provides a rationale for inferring a slight cooling trend over the next decade or so, rather than a flat trend from the 15 yr ‘pause’.”

AUSTRALIAN SCIENTIST PREDICTS GLOBAL COOLING: “SUN IS THE MAJOR CONTROL OF CLIMATE; LOOK FOR COOLING’ — ‘Prof. Cliff Ollier of the School of Earth & Env. Studies, U,  of Western Australia, recently presented a paper in Poznan, Poland,  in which he described the sun as the major control of climate, but not through greenhouse gases.”There is a very good correlation of sunspots and climate. Solar cycles provide a basis for prediction. Solar Cycle 24 has started and we can expect serious cooling. Many think that political decisions about climate are based on scientific predictions but what politicians get are projections based on computer models. The UN’s main adviser, the IPCC, uses adjusted data for the input, their models and codes remain secret, and they do not accept responsibility for their projections.” Download paper here

New paper finds that a solar proton event could cause global cooling of more than 3C — Paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics – Study finds that ‘a solar proton event, if it took place in the near future with an intensity similar to that ascribed to the Carrington Event of 1859, must be expected to have a major impact on atmospheric composition throughout the middle atmosphere, resulting in significant and persistent decrease in total ozone,’ resulting in a ‘significant [global] cooling of more than 3C’

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Flashback 1971: A severe year of extreme weather during the ‘global cooling’ era

Why Some Scientists Say Global Warming Is Out and Global Cooling Is In

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