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Watch: Exclusive clip of ‘Climate Hustle’ on Fox News – Steve Doocy & Marc Morano reveal mystery climate mascot animal

Fox News on Sunday April 24, 2016 invited Marc Morano to explain how the armadillo was both a mascot for 1970s global cooling fears and a mascot for current global warming fears.

“This is significant,” Morano said after revealing a stuffed armadillo in a cage. “The armadillo was the only animal that was used a mascot for global cooling in the 1970s… It’s now being used as a mascot for global warming. They’re claiming the armadillo is migrating north to get out of the heat.”

“With global warming, they have a learning curve,” he explained. “They’re trying to go much further in the future [with their doomsday predictions] when the people making the predictions will be dead.”

According to Fox News host Steve Doocy, climate activists like Prince Charles sounded “like Jack Bauer, we’re running out of time.”

“As it turns out, we didn’t run out of time,” he quipped.

Doocy: “That’s like Jack Bauer on ‘24’: ‘We’re running out of time!’ As it turns out, we didn’t run out of time.”

Morano: “No, and this happens repeatedly, every time they give a deadline…”

Doocy: “This is a tactic, a tactic.”

Morano: “It’s a tactic of a doomsday street preacher on the corner that most people thought was crazy, and now it’s gone mainstream. We have elite scientists at NASA that give us deadlines, they pass, and they just cross it out and give us a new deadline and say we must act. It’s silliness.”

“The great climate catastrophe that has been predicted — has been CANCELLED!” Morano declared. “There’s nothing to worry about with global warming,” Morano agreed. “So say the top scientists around the world.”

Scientific American 2011: ‘Armadillo Moves North Across a Warmer North America – The armadillo is moving north thanks to climate change’ – Some of that migration can be attributed to opportunity: The armadillo in particular has been moving northward since it arrived in Texas in the 1880s and Florida in the 1920s, according to Colleen McDonough, a biology professor at Valdosta State University in Georgia. Some, however, is clearly triggered by a changing climate. Armadillos have settled into southern Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri – all areas that were “totally unexpected,” McDonough said.
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