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Kids in USA set for nationwide climate strike from school – ‘Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike’ By Maddy Fernands, Isra Hirsi, Haven Coleman, Alexandria Villaseñor, March 7, 2019 Editor’s note: The authors are the lead organizers of US Youth Climate Strike, part of a global student movement inspired by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg’s weekly school strikes in Sweden and other European countries. We, the youth of America, are fed […]

Trump Presidential climate commission will take on the ‘state-sponsored religion’ of ‘global warming’ Dr. Happer will set them free By David Archibald It was easy enough to predict that Trump would appoint Dr. William Happer to set up a Presidential Committee on Climate Science. Two years have passed and have been lost.  The first years of the Trump administration were hobbled by poor Cabinet picks, a proportion of whom conspired against […]

Keep kids out of the climate debate – ‘School children are being needlessly frightened about the future’ By Sandy Moor Last week, St John’s Catholic Primary School in Bebington, Wirral, tweeted a video of its schoolchildren staging a classroom protest against fracking. ‘Stop fracking’, chant the children in unison, sat around their desks, holding placards they made in class. The tweet was one of many showing children drawing pictures of pollution […]

UK Women Promote ‘BirthStrike’ Baby Ban to Prevent ‘Eco-Armageddon’ – ‘We’re too scared to have kids, because of climate change’ By Virginia Hale A group of UK women worried about “ecological Armageddon” are urging others to sign up to a pact pledging not to have children. Founder of BirthStrike, Blythe Pepino, said she was moved to create the now-60-member-strong community after reading publications from the United Nations’ (UN) climate change body left her feeling […]

Watch: 60 Minutes presents kids climate ‘gobbledygook’ – Wacky ‘evidence’ presented: 15-year old ‘put her ankle in climate change’ after her house flooded

  60 Minutes goes off the rails with kid climate propaganda:  “60 Minutes” producer Draggan Mihailovich defends kids climate claims: “It’s not gobbledygook that they are spewing.” 21 kid plaintiffs, ranging in age from 11-22 years old. 60 Minutes claims “each of them has an individual claim on how they were damaged by ‘global warming.’” […]

New Study Reveals The Arctic Region Was 4.6°C Warmer Than ‘Present Day’ During The 1930s By Kenneth Richard Yet another scientific paper presents evidence that the Arctic region was warmer than recent decades during the 1930s, leading scientists to conclude there is “still-insufficient knowledge of the mechanisms governing the Arctic Climate System.” Image Source: Araźny et al., 2019 Araźny et al., 2019 A comparison of bioclimatic conditions on Franz Josef Land […]

Climate activists weaponizing children for political gain – ‘Turning a bunch of kids into little AOCs’ By Monica Crowley Sen. Dianne Feinstein was confronted by a group of tweens from the Sunshine Movement, which describes itself on Twitter as “building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.” In other words: Indoctrination. The little mob of half-pints was accompanied by […]

12 year old boy wows climate activists with pure drivel: ‘I’m going on strike from school today because of climate change’

So proud of my 12yo godson Peter Reid’s ⁦@IrishTimes⁩ piece on school climate strike & why we all need to take immediate action on this. He’s a pupil at St Catherine’s, Donore Avenue. Go Peter!! — Alison O'Connor (@alisonoconn) March 6, 2019 By Peter Reid – 12-years old The story I hear is […]

Climategate Continues – The Mann Hockeystick University Of Arizona Emails Are Now Public By Anthony Watts After years of trying to suppress their release, and finally being ordered to be released by a judge, they are now public, and we have them here. This will remain as a “top post” for a day, new stories will be below this one. There’s quite a treasure trove, but also […]

It’s time for Trump to set up a ‘Presidential Committee on Climate Science’ By John Droz, Jr.|March 7th, 2019|Climate|0 Comments Not to date myself, but in my day, the “$64,000 Question” represented a lot of money! Today I’m proposing to you a $64 Trillion question: “Should the US do a scientific investigation of the Global Warming issue?” That’s what is being proposed by President Trump’s Senior Director for […]