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Watch: 60 Minutes presents kids climate ‘gobbledygook’ – Wacky ‘evidence’ presented: 15-year old ‘put her ankle in climate change’ after her house flooded


60 Minutes goes off the rails with kid climate propaganda: 

“60 Minutes” producer Draggan Mihailovich defends kids climate claims: “It’s not gobbledygook that they are spewing.”

21 kid plaintiffs, ranging in age from 11-22 years old.

60 Minutes claims “each of them has an individual claim on how they were damaged by ‘global warming.'”

Kids Lawyer: “They each have stories about how they were harmed and will testify at trial about that.”

Question to 60 Minutes producer: “Do the kids understand the science here?”

“60 Minutes” producer Draggan Mihailovich answers: “They understand the danger, that is for sure….There is real fear here. Jayden Foytlin, a 15-year-old from Rayne, Louisiana told me, you know ‘when it rains at night, all I can think about is that storm in August of 2016. (In Rayne Louisiana) As she puts it she woke up and set foot, put her ankle in climate change basically.”

Jayden Foytlin 15-years old: “I was never expecting to have my house flooded. So to have that whole thing happen it really just felt like it was a dream or as if i was like just losing my mind or going like crazy. That is just something that shouldn’t happen. You can’t really deny that climate change has something to do with it.


60 Minutes Voice Over: “Her family is still rebuilding from a 2016 storm that dumped 18 inches of rain on their town in just 48 hours.”

Jayden Foytlin: “To the people that think that I’m brainwashed, I just usually say I have encountered climate change firsthand,” Foytlin said. “And although I am 15, I still know science. I still trust science more than I trust older generations that tell me that I’m wrong.”

Climate Depot Response: You are wrong and need to be told you are wrong and shown the evidence that you are wrong! See: New Study on floods finds ‘approximately the number expected due to chance alone’ – No ‘global warming’ signal


New study in Journal of Hydrology finds no increase in floods – ‘Compelling evidence for increased flooding at a global’ scale is lacking’

A Climate Depot reader responds to 15-year old Foytlin’s claims:


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Climate change: What 10 presidents have known: Evidence in the Juliana v. United States suit shows that U.S. presidents have been warned about the effects of fossil fuels for more than 50 years

The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels


By Steve Kroft

The climate change lawsuit that could stop the U.S. government from supporting fossil fuels
A lawsuit filed on behalf of 21 kids alleges the U.S. government knowingly failed to protect them from climate change. If the plaintiffs win, it could mean massive changes for the use of fossil fuels. The lawsuit claims the executive and legislative branches of government have proven incapable of dealing with climate change. It argues that the government has failed in its obligation to protect the nation’s air, water, forests and coast lines. And it petitions the federal courts to intervene and force the government to come up with a plan that would wean the country off fossil fuels by the middle of this century.