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Climate activists weaponizing children for political gain – ‘Turning a bunch of kids into little AOCs’

By Monica Crowley

Sen. Dianne Feinstein was confronted by a group of tweens from the Sunshine Movement, which describes itself on Twitter as “building an army of young people to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.” In other words: Indoctrination.

The little mob of half-pints was accompanied by a few adults, who egged them on as they challenged Ms. Feinstein to vote yes on the Green New Deal, originally proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), herself just barely out of school.

Ms. Feinstein calmly and thoughtfully interacted with them, despite their relentless — and clearly scripted — browbeating. Refusing to be bullied, Ms. Feinstein schooled the tots and their minders in how government (and the real world) actually work.

Her basic civics lesson didn’t go over well with the radicals. The Sunshine Movement released a two-minute video of its staged scene with a tweet that claimed she reacted with “smugness and disrespect.” However, longer video footage showed Sen. Feinstein patiently engaging on substance, indicating that she might vote yes and even offering one of the kids an internship. Yet, the radicals used the children to set her up as some sort of pathologically rude Green New Deal obstructionist. All they cared about was rolling tape on the exchange and turning a bunch of kids into little AOCs.

The left appears to have no problem manipulating children’s lives (and even deaths) to march their agenda forward. Get ‘em young, and keep the revolution going in perpetuity.

• Monica Crowley is a columnist for The Washington Times.