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Eco warrior Leonardo DiCaprio takes helicopter from yacht to dinner By Denette Wilford Leonardo DiCaprio goes on and on about his environmental activism but he’s not above taking a helicopter from his yacht to land. Go on Leo’s social media feeds and while he is famous for not detailing his private life, he isn’t lacking passion — albeit, about the environment and climate action. […]

Biden nominee coordinated dark money climate nuisance lawsuits involving Leonardo DiCaprio By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News President Biden’s nominee to lead the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was previously involved in a dark money-fueled effort to file numerous climate nuisance lawsuits across the country. Ann Carlson, who currently serves as acting NHTSA administrator, was formerly an environmental law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles […]

Leonardo DiCaprio funneled grants through dark money group to fund climate nuisance lawsuits, emails show DiCaprio’s foundation awarded grants to the Resources Legacy Fund, a dark money group, which then donated to a private law firm suing oil companies over climate changeBy Thomas Catenacci | Fox News Leonardo DiCaprio’s non-profit foundation awarded grants to a dark money group which, in turn, funneled money to a law firm spearheading climate […]

Leonardo DiCaprio touts Time Mag. article: ‘If we want to have a planet that is still livable, oil production needs to drop 75% by 2050’

Oil companies know that addressing climate change threatens their core business. Scientists have made it clear that if we want to have a planet that is still livable, oil production needs to drop 75% by 2050. #SaveThePlanet — Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) June 22, 2022 Climate Depot’s Morano: “It’s amazing how DiCaprio wants to keep fossil […]

Court: Climate Hardliner Leonardo DiCaprio was Paid $150,000 to Fly Private Jet to Attend Party for One Day By DAVID NG Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly flew an exclusive private plane to attend a party for just one day for which the actor was paid $150,000, according to testimony and evidence in a court trial involving a banker in the 1MDB scandal. A witness claimed DiCaprio flew the private jet to Las Vegas in 2009 […]

Leonardo DiCaprio warns: ‘We literally have a nine year window’ to stop climate change – ‘There’s a ticking clock’ Via CodeList & Tomatazos:  By Arturo Lopez Gambit Excerpt: In an interview with dead line, DiCaprio spoke about his career as an actor and environmental activist, since many already know that one of his great concerns is the future of the planet, as he announced in his Oscar acceptance speech in 2016, after winning […]

Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate scientist role was inspired by Michael Mann- ‘I am honored’ declares Mann – Weighs in on being a sex symbol

In #DontLookUp Leonardo DiCaprio plays a climate scientist inspired by @MichaelEMann. The real-life expert weighs in on whether Leo did him justice on film, and if the doctor becoming a sex symbol in the Netflix hit was art imitating life. — The Mehdi Hasan Show (@MehdiHasanShow) January 6, 2022 Mann: “But I wouldn’t hold […]

Critics say Dicaprio’s ‘Don’t Look Up’ is not a very good movie, but as an analogy for climate change it’s even worse By JOHN SEXTON The new Netflix film Don’t Look Up is sort of the big budget sequel to celebrities singing Imagine, The film has an impressive cast—Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep—unfortunately they’ve all gathered in the service of a preachy climate change comedy that even a lot of left-wing reviewers found to be not very funny […]

Alex Epstein’s Rebuttal Talking Points on Dicaprio’s film ‘Don’t Look Up’ – Film falsely equates CO2 with ‘the comet’ Talking Points on “Don’t Look Up” The big-budget Netflix movie’s support for eliminating fossil fuels, not fossil fuels, is the threat to life on Earth By Alex Epstein Don’t Look Up uses talented actors and the world’s biggest distribution channel (Netflix) to promote a deadly analogy between fossil fuels and an Earth-destroying comet. In […]

Leonardo DiCaprio says his new movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial & climate change By CARLOS GARCIA Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio said that his latest movie about a comet destroying the Earth is actually about science denial and climate change. DiCaprio made the comments while on a publicity tour for “Don’t Look Up,” which was released in theaters on Friday. He and Jennifer Lawrence portray astronomers who try to warn […]