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Leonardo DiCaprio touts Time Mag. article: ‘If we want to have a planet that is still livable, oil production needs to drop 75% by 2050’

Climate Depot’s Morano: “It’s amazing how DiCaprio wants to keep fossil fuels in the ground, but he cannot keep using fossil fuels in the sky on his private jet.”

DiCaprio’s Private Jet Junket Burned 30,000 Liters Of Fuel …Enough For 10,000 Cars An Entire Day!

Hypocrite! Leo DiCaprio takes private jet 8000 miles to collect environmental award

Newsweek: DiCaprio Criticized for Private Jet Use After Calling Out Climate Deniers at Global Citizen Festival: ‘Unless you live in alternate reality, there is no more time for denial’

Leonardo DiCaprio Urges the Elimination of Fossil Fuels in Climate Change Fight

Environmentalists accuse Leonardo DiCaprio’s new HBO climate documentary of promoting ‘white supremacy’ & a ‘white savior complex’