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Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate scientist role was inspired by Michael Mann- ‘I am honored’ declares Mann – Weighs in on being a sex symbol


Mann: “But I wouldn’t hold us responsible, or all of us responsible for his [DiCaprio’s] various indiscretions in this film. There are some aspects of his character that perhaps don’t correspond directly to the scientists who I know that are involved in this…It allows people to view the absurdity of the fact that there are politicians who are defying the overwhelming message of the science for purely political and ideological reasons. Maybe it’s going to open some peoples’ eyes to just the absurdity of climate denial.”

Climate Scientist Michael Mann Denies He is a Sex Symbol

If Dr. Mindy is based on Mann, then we should note the description of Mindy by the character Peter Isherwell, who told Mindy:

You’re a Lifestyle Idealist.

You think you’re motivated by ideological beliefs, but you’re not.

You run towards pleasure.

You run away from pain, like a field mouse.

Your death will be unremarkable and boring.

You’re going to die alone.

quotes slightly paraphrased to condense.

Sure Dr. Mann he’s just like you.