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Watch: Morano on Fox News on how EV mandates hammer America & benefit China – Plus: Suing for better weather = ‘A climate Shakedown’ & USA suffering from ‘collective mass hysteria’

Fox Business – ‘The Bottom Line’ – Hosted by Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy – Broadcast June 23, 2023

Government ideology is ‘imposing’ electric vehicles on a population: Marc Morano – ClimateDepot publisher Marc Morano discuss the EV push and how Ford is preparing another round of layoffs on ‘The Bottom Line.’

Marc Morano Talking Points:  
USA EV Mandates
Morano: Here we go again. Misguided US government policy again empowers China at the expense of American industries and jobs.
The once dominant U.S. automakers face literal extinction as China’s rising dominance continues due to EV mandates.
China-made cars are set to take over the world (see mainstream sources below)
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All of the EV mandates and stricter emission standards are literally making China the global automaker powerhouse.

The crushing of U.S. automakers by govt policy is like a slow-motion train wreck that everyone can see happening but everyone is afraid of stopping it because they don’t want to appear anti-green.

China benefits from EV mandates by being the dominant supplier of batteries, cheap (underage and slave) labor, and by not following the same environmental standards as the U.S.

The West is committing economic commit suicide by EV

This is nothing short of the Sovietization of America. The United States government is beholden to a climate ideology that says we must ban one form of transportation — gas, powered cars —  in favor of a utopian vision that electric cars will somehow replace gas cars if only they push enough mandates and subsidies. 
The push to ban gas-powered cars is really a push to limit our freedom of movement. You will go nowhere and be happy.
The global effort to restrict gas-powered cars is being attempted through executive orders, unelected bureaucrats, and agencies.
These restrictions on vehicles are creating car shortages in part to force more people into mass transit.
Short-haul flight bans have started in France to limit choices of travel options and longer flight bans are being proposed in the EU of up to six hours.

So-called ‘climate lockdowns’- a term coined by a George Soros, Bill Gates, funded professor in 2020- are now a reality with car restrictions and flight bans beginning. Even the mainstream media notes how ‘climate compliance’ costs are forcing airline prices higher and out of reach for low-income and middle-class citizens. See:

The fix is in for gas-powered cars. Executive orders, agencies, and unelected bureaucrats are banning gas-powered cars without much democracy.
The world bank is saying to automakers they won’t finance gas-powered cars, and corporate banks are saying they won’t give out car loans, and now you have cities in Colorado, and California banning the creation of new gas stations to create gas station shortages.
image.png  image.png  image.png  image.png
Suing Over bad Weather:
Morano: This is nothing more than a climate shakedown! They are weaponization every weather event as an opportunity to increase revenues to the government and politicians.
Pay up or the weather will get you!
The next time someone claims heatwaves are bad, just refer them to Biden’s EPA which shows the 1930s heatwaves were much, much worse than today!


Climatologist John Christy’s research on the United States has found that “about 75% of the states recorded their hottest temperature prior to 1955, and over 50 percent of the states experienced their record cold temperatures after 1940.”
Democrat Donor arrested for arson – Blamed for starting wildfires
Morano: this is a truly bizarre story. Democrat politicians are blaming wildfires on climate change when in reality, the wildfires were caused by Democrat donors!
Of course, on climate, timescales wildfires are down dramatically over the last hundred years and show no evidence of climate-fueled fires. But apparently, sometimes ‘climate science’ needs a little help, so it appears that this donor took it upon himself to start fires so that they could get more funding for so-called climate solutions.