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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV rips attempts to ban gas stoves: ‘It’s completely unscientific, statistically unsupported concept…funded by the climate, industrial complex’


Summary Marc Morano Appears on ‘The Count’ To Discuss Gas Stoves Ban – Newsmax TV – Broadcast February 4, 2023

>> Host: And welcome back Joe Biden’s Energy department is reportedly drafting new energy conservation standards for gas and electric stoves, reigniting that debate and joining us now to talk about. It is Marc, Morano, the founder of and former member of The Senate Environmental & Public Works Committee. Thanks for the time tonight now, what is behind these new conservation standards in? How will that impact? If you own a gas stove.

Marc Morano: Well, what’s happened? First of all, the Consumer Protection Safety Administration, an unelected bureaucrat, announced that they may have to be banned because of the link to childhood asthma. And then there was an outcry, so they pulled back and claimed ‘we never said banned. These are a bunch of paranoid people.’ Then the governor of New York went after gas fireplaces and said it’s because it climate change. Now the Energy Department of the Biden administration is coming after the gas stoves. It’s a combination of asthma fears and climate fears and the climate fears have no justification because even with methane, many scientists and there’s been peer reviewed studies showing that methane is an irrelevant greenhouse gas.

The health studies are particularly outrageous. Because, even the NIH says that the cause of asthma is currently unknown, and, in addition to that, if you look at the states, like California, compare California to North Dakota, they both have high gas stove uses, but with wildly fluctuating asthma, rates. There just no way they could make this claim and the study that the Biden Administration is basing it on is literally based on a study by a climate activist, a group, one of which is Todd Stern who was the UN climate negotiator for the Paris climate accord. So this is all ideology agenda. They’re, trying to ban our stove going forward. It’s going to affect new construction.

Host: Can you dig into the science of that? Do you think there will be a push to get rid of gas stoves and you mention that was one of their points, but where are they getting that from it’s from this?

Marc Morano: One study, which was a Meta-analysis, would claim like twelve point, seven percent of all kid. >> Kids have to go get asthma with a gas stove in your house. The problem is, is that gas stoves are noted, are actually less harmful in any way shape or form, then candles cooking oils, and if you look at that, the emissions from those what actually aggravate or cause as much worse, it’s all about ventilation. If you look for some states with high gas, stove use as low as my rates states, where the very low gas derivatives have high asthma rates. It is it completely unscientific, statistically unsupported concept driven by a group that wants to make carbon-free buildings and is funded by the climate, industrial complex.

So the question is, will it happen? I think there’s been enough outcry against this, where Republicans in Congress particularly you’re going to fight it and many activists. The bottom line is we wake up every day with some new, unelected bureaucrat or some new government edict trying to ban something. We’ve seen that gas-powered car bans in the future, seeing them try to ban meat, ban high yield agriculture, ban, all sorts of energy- and this is just the latest ban by this administration, and it’s unbelievable. I think we’re going to major push back on this.

Host: >> And mark I’m sure, the next time we talk, there’s going to be another thing that they’re trying to ban in the name of the Green New Deal. Marc Morano, thanks for being here tonight,

Morano: Thank you very much appreciate it.



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