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Sen. Manchin furious with Biden over climate law’s implementation: ‘This is bulls–t’ – Declares White House seeking to ‘starve’ Americans ‘out of energy’ Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., is reportedly “livid” with how President Biden has begun implementing the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the major Democratic Party legislation that was signed into law only after the senator from West Virginia pledged to support it. Even though Manchin pledged support for the bill after months of debate with party members and […]

Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV rips attempts to ban gas stoves: ‘It’s completely unscientific, statistically unsupported concept…funded by the climate, industrial complex’

  Summary Marc Morano Appears on ‘The Count’ To Discuss Gas Stoves Ban – Newsmax TV – Broadcast February 4, 2023 RUSH TRANSCRIPT: >> Host: And welcome back Joe Biden’s Energy department is reportedly drafting new energy conservation standards for gas and electric stoves, reigniting that debate and joining us now to talk about. It […]

Watch: Climate activist Bill Gates on BBC defends his private jet flying – ‘I’m part of the solution’ & he buys carbon offsets ‘I’m Part Of The Solution’–Bill Gates By Paul Homewood What we do without Bill Gates and John Kerry? Bill Gates claims that it is all OK because he pays for carbon offsets. But I find this excuse particularly sickening. If he is really concerned about global warming, he would be spending most […]

Listen: Energy Expert Donn Dears explains the folly of ‘green’ energy on The Marc Morano Show On today’s show we discuss Donn Dear’s latest book Clean Energy Crisis: The Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels. GUEST OVERVIEW: Donn Dears is a retired GE Company senior executive specializing in power generation, with extensive international experience. Donn Dears provides serious commentary on energy issues. The foundation for his articles and books is a lifetime […]